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5 reasons why your healthcare company must be on Google My Business

Listing your business with Google My Business is kind of like making sure you’re listed in the phone book.  Your business listing will show up when people search for your business (or businesses like yours) on Google Search as well as when they search on Google Maps. A Google My Business listing is dynamic and lets you post updates to showcase what’s new, respond to reviews to build loyalty, and add photos to highlight your healthcare company’s unique value proposition. There are so many reasons

Don't Do These 6 Things on Your Business Instagram!

More and more businesses, including healthcare companies, are creating business Instagram accounts.  It makes a lot of sense from a marketing perspective, but it has to be done right in order to be effective.  Here are some of the top mistakes I see businesses make on Instagram:

Top Three Digital Marketing Mistakes

In a world going increasingly digital, we must learn the best strategies to market and publicize our brands quickly. But how do we know what works? Through research and our own personal process of trial and error, here are the three greatest mistakes that businesses make while pursuing digital marketing for their business.

Definitive Guide to the Parties at INBOUND18

Here’s the definitive (albeit clearly unofficial) guide to what parties and meet ups are happening during INBOUND 18 in Boston, as well as our advice on which events are the best, for what.

How to Promote Your Healthcare Brand through Social Media

With the increasing popularity of social media, businesses are in far greater competition vying for consumers’ attention. But what truly are the best practices to promote your healthcare brand across social media? While there are many strategies , the best practices in doing so include generating valuable and shareable content, practicing customer service, and developing your own authentic and honest voice.

3 Tips for Finding the Right Agency for your Healthcare Business

Businesses are always looking for growth, but it has become increasingly difficult to find optimal ways to market your healthcare company and gain new clients. In order to succeed despite increased competition and innovation in the marketplace, healthcare businesses must continually devise new and effective strategies to engage their target audiences and delight existing clients.

Listen to your Customers: The Importance of Social Media Listening

Social media listening is an important skillset for any business because it encourages the business to both engage and empathize with the audience.

5 Free Things Healthcare Marketers Can Do Right Now to Improve their Web Site’s Search Engine Rankings (With Helpful Links)

You’re a savvy healthcare marketer, and you know that SEO makes a big difference in helping the right people find your web site. Here are a few things you can do, right now, for free, to help you improve your web site’s search engine ranking.

Healthcare Communicators Need the PESO Model

Touted by PR pros, the PESO model is an integrative approach to PR that helps us visualize and advance both brand and business goals. By combining four pillars of media (paid, earned, shared and owned), PESO merges the best parts of each to form a strategy that gives you the most bang for your buck. Having the PESO model in your marketing arsenal allows you to: Amplify Your Message Expand Your Reach Use all Tools and Channels at Your Disposal Demonstrate Value Build Relationships

KNB Communications  is Now a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner

It’s official! KNB Communications is an Agency Partner with HubSpot, the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform. HubSpot works hand-in-hand with Agency Partners to grow businesses via inbound software, services, and marketing automation support.

KNB’s 5 Things You Must Do in New Orleans During HITMC

As a proud sponsor of this wonderful community, we would like to welcome you to HITMC!  Here are our top five picks of things to do while you are here in the Big Easy. For more hot tips of what to do while in town, follow us on Twitter or use our hashtag, #KNBLeads.

Be heard and seen at #HIMSS18 - with #KNBLeads

One of the main reasons that companies exhibit at HIMSS is to be heard and seen within the healthcare community.  But, with 1350 exhibitors in attendance, how can a brand cut through the noise?

8 Best Practices in PR

Whether you have been practicing PR for years or want to pick up some tips to expand your communications and marketing efforts, here are eight best practices in PR that are the foundation of any successful program.

Are You Telling Your Story or Just Sharing Information?

One of the eternal challenges in marketing communications is how to craft an introduction, or “pitch,” that captures a journalist’s attention. Whether a client wants coverage in a niche trade publication, the Financial Times, or on CNBC, the difference between success and failure for PR pros usually hinges on how good they are at telling the client’s story.

Tapping Podcasting’s Potential

Recently on a CNBC Squawk Box segment dubbed “Business behind Podcasts,” the co-founder and CEO of podcast companyGimlet Media, Alex Blumberg, was singing the praises of the medium.

What a Blog Did for a Web Site’s Traffic in a Month: 1 Graph Says It All

Blogs increase SEO rankings.  Search engines love valuable content.  Generating a fresh stream of industry thought leadership via blogging peppers more important keywords throughout your web site, and search engines reward that.  

The Do’s and Don’ts: In-Person Networking for Social Media Etiquette in Healthcare

Social media is all online, so you can grow your network all online, right?  Of course not!  But you knew that.    

3 Ways Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods Could Impact Health and Wellness

1.  Potential move toward pharmacy services and on-demand drug deliveries

Top 5 Reasons You Should be Using Twitter for Healthcare Marketing

5.  Reach a broad audience A lot of people are on Twitter.  Like, a lot.  And that number is still on the rise.  Currently, Twitter has 328 million monthly active users (up 9 million from the previous quarter).  And, as of 2016, 29.2% of U.S. social media users were on Twitter.  

What’s On Your Reading List? Why it matters

Summer reads are all the rage right now! As many people welcome the warmer temps it’s not uncommon to think about devoting time and attention to a good read.      But a “good” read does not need to wait until the summer. In fact, it shouldn’t.

Boilerplate Language: The Bane of a News Release

We’ve all seen phrases like “the leading agency and digital media network dedicated to (blank),” “(Blank) is pleased to announce…,” “the pioneering leader in global (blank),” and “a leading financial news and information portal for (blank).” But in a news release meant to capture the media’s fleeting attention, one of these phrases may have the opposite effect. 

Optimizing Your Trade Show Presence Can Provide Real ROI

Trade shows are great venues for connecting with customers and prospects. They also can represent a significant marketing investment for your company. To optimize that investment, it’s important to approach your presence strategically.

How B2B Companies Benefit When Sales And Marketing Are Aligned

How B2B Companies Benefit When Sales and Marketing Are Aligned Depending on the organization, chances are the Sales and Marketing teams have been at odds with each other at one point in time or another. Certainly, both functions are critical to generating revenue for a company, although each side will claim dominance in making the most significant contribution to the financial welfare of the organization.

Time Rethink Powerpoint

As an agency, a majority of our presentations, whether new business related, customer reviews, or even internal overviews, are PowerPoint. There’s no doubt that PowerPoint has permeated the business world. In fact, according to Microsoft, there are more than 30 million PowerPoint presentations given every day.

Take Active Role Your Healthcare

Although we usually focus on the pragmatic side of marketing and communications in our weekly blog, this week, we are going to shift to a subject that we all need to take heed of: patient engagement.

Social Selling Should Be a Partnership between Sales and Marketing

The competition for customers in today’s B2B marketplace is fierce, as budgets shrink, the number of players increase, and it becomes more difficult for brands to rise above the din of product and service pitches. 

Creating C-Suite Worthy Events

No one audience is more sought after for business events than the c-suite. Aside from the prestige of their attendance, the c-suite are the ultimate decision makers within an organization. Yet, while this group of executives are the most desired by marketers, they are also the most difficult group to attract. Their schedules are usually booked for months in advance and most won’t take time from their office and customer-facing obligations – unless they’re convinced that attending an event will provide them with significant value.

Data And Analytics Not Gut Feelings Key Successful Marketing Programs

Increasingly, senior business leaders are demanding more tangible and quantifiable metrics, particularly from their marketing teams. According to a 2014 survey from the MIT Sloan Management Review in collaboration with the SAS Institute, six in 10 professionals from around the world agree there is pressure from senior management for their organization to become more data-driven and analytical. And, according to a 2014 survey from Spencer Stuart, senior marketing leaders feel that analytical orientation will become a more important skill for CMOs to possess in the future, while creativity will become less of a priority.

Video vs Text: Which Provides More Value in Communicating Your Message?

In an evolving digital age, the question among communicators is whether visual content such as video is more effective in communicating brand messages than text. A survey by Usurv revealed that, if you want visitors to your website to share and interact with your content, delivering it via video is the best way to go. Consumers are 39 percent more likely to share content if it’s delivered via video, 36 percent more likely to comment about video and 56 percent more likely to “like” it on social media.

Create Business Content That Works

Have you ever read something that you’ve had to read several times over to understand? Or figure out what you think it means?  Have you all too often, needed to refer to your e-dictionary to understand the meaning of words used in a business context?

Leveraging Target Content Marketing to Attract New Customers – and Create More PR Value

B2B companies that become frustrated with Sales’ and Marketings’ efforts to generate new customers may not have taken the time to understand who their target customer really is. It also stands to reason that, if Marketing and Sales efforts fail, PR and media efforts aren’t faring any better. Even though business content may generate a steady stream of coverage through generated content such as blogs and byline columns, if a company’s target market is not interested in what you have to say, what value does this bring? Very little. 

Extending Life Your Content Maximum Reach Impact

Most people have heard the expression, “You get what you pay for.” The deeper meaning to this adage is, when you invest in something for the long-haul – whether shoes, clothing, or household appliances, for example – you focus on things that are built to last.  The result is you’ll end up spending less money on repairs and replacements and retain things of value for a longer time. In a sense, the same is true for content.

Interoperability and Population Health

As we close out our daily blog series in support of National HIT Week, we’d like to focus on another theme highlighted this week: Interoperability and Population Health.

Expanding Access Care

Expanding access to care, another theme of this year’s National HIT Week, is a topic that has received significant press over the past few years. Healthcare reform (the Affordable Care Act) was based on the concept that every American deserves access to affordable healthcare. And, with this year being a presidential election year, it continues as a central platform among politicians. 

Highlighting Innovation Look Past And Future Challenges

With the theme “Innovation” being one of those highlighted during this year’s National HIT Week, we’d like to recall an enduring adage: “You can’t get to where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.”

HealthIT Chicks: Opening Doors for Women in Healthcare Technology

Women may comprise half the total U.S. workforce but only 25 percent of senior leadership positions in healthcare technology are filled by women. On top of that, a HIMSS studyconducted in July 2016 found that the pay gap between male and female HIT workers has actually widened over the past decade. A number of initiatives have been launched to turn these statistics around, including highlighting Women in Health IT and STEM Careers for Health among the themes of this year’s National HIT Week. 

National Hit Week Blog Kick

This week (September 26-30), KNB pays tribute to National HIT Week by recognizing the contributions of health information technology in enabling people to live healthier, happier lives. To draw attention to the cause, we’re publishing a blog post each day this week on each of this year’s themes.

Key Messaging Strategy: An Important Tool in Your Communications Toolkit

The digital age has significantly broadened our ability to reach out to a diverse audience, and forever changed the way people and companies communicate. Yet while more than 2 billion people have access to the Internet, only a select number of them will be interested in and need the products or services your company provides. So – how can you cut through the masses to effectively reach a target audience that ultimately leads to sales?

Proving PR ROI Through Multi-Touch Attribution

Proving the value of public relations in impacting and driving sales leads and conversions has been a difficult feat. Caitlin Jamali, senior research analyst at Cision Global Insights says, “Communications professionals want to be able to clearly tie their initiatives to a tangible return, but there are so many intangibles that come into play.” 

Good Writing Skills Help Your Business Run Smoother

Commit to a Culture of Clarity If you’ve ever read through business emails or other business-related content and scratched your head trying to understand what the author was really saying, you’re not alone. What’s worse is that bad writing can be destroying your company’s productivity! 

Being Grammatically Correct

In an age where the Internet and social media have created new additions to the English language vocabulary that even Merriam Webster has become resigned to (e.g. selfie, bromance, OMG, to name a few), it’s no wonder that most people continue to misuse certain “standards” that have been around for years.

If You Want to Optimize Social Media, Think Like an Anthropologist

A recent article in Harvard Business Review suggests that, if brands want to better leverage the information gleaned from social media listening to gain customer insight, they should “embrace the context offered in qualitative commentaries and don’t delegate social listening to the marketing department.” In other words, we should think like anthropologists and culturally sensitive analysts who specialize in “meaning management.” 

Want to be Successful in Business? Try Being Transparent.

Recently, an article appeared in a HIT trade publication that described how, when a CEO was asked by analysts during a quarterly earnings call why the FDA didn’t approve his company’s surgical device, he gave a non-answer. Several other analysts posed the same question but the CEO continued to be evasive. Needless to say, this company now has more pressing issues to resolve, such as regaining the trust and confidence of its stakeholders and the media. If there is a lesson to be learned here, it’s about transparency. Transparency in business has been described as an overlooked value. Indeed it is. We now live in an age where, regardless of the industry you’re in, transparency has never been more important to success. 

Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

Since its inception as a way for individuals to connect with each other, social media has grown exponentially. Today, social media is a powerful business tool that has tremendous sway in growing an audience, engaging users and increasing revenue. Social media also has become a must-have for reputation management and a primary tool for communicating during a crisis.

Email Marketing is Here to Stay, and Getting Better

To paraphrase a famous quote, the reports of email marketing’s demise have been grossly exaggerated.

Building Effective B2B Influencer Marketing Program

More and more, B2B marketers, such as those in health and healthcare IT, are utilizing influencers as a key component of their overall marketing strategies. The reason for this is that influencers can elevate a company’s message with their own audience, and enhance social media activities.

Thought Leadership: There's More to it Than Just Buzz

When we develop strategic communications plans for our health and healthcare industry clients, thought leadership is invariably one of the strategies we recommend. And most likely, we’re not alone. 

Demise Traditional Sales Funnel Enter New Digitalsocial Sales Pipeline

What hasn't changed is that the sales funnel is a top-down process that includes awareness, interest, consideration, and purchase. What has changed, however, is that prospects are entering the funnel much later in this process thanks in part to today’s social/digital age. The way customers buy is no longer a simple path from awareness to prospect to sale, guided by a sales person, according to Ad Age.

Differentiating Goals Objectives Strategies And Tactics Key

Components Successful Strategic Plan In this day and age, it is still somewhat of a head-scratcher that many business leaders do not understand the difference between goals, objectives, strategies and tactics (GOST) when developing a strategic business plan.

Differentiating Goals Objectives Strategies And Tactics Key Components Successful Strategic Plan

In this day and age, it is still somewhat of a head-scratcher that many business leaders do not understand the difference between goals, objectives, strategies and tactics (GOST) when developing a strategic business plan.

Influencer Marketing in Today's Social Media World

Some of us might still remember obtaining most of our information about a product or brand from advertising or promotional campaigns. But not anymore. Today, a proliferation of content, multiple social media channels and mobile communications have changed the way consumers receive information, the speed at which it is obtained, and who it is received from.

Influencer Marketing in Today's Social Media World

Some of us might still remember obtaining most of our information about a product or brand from advertising or promotional campaigns. But not anymore. Today, a proliferation of content, multiple social media channels and mobile communications have changed the way consumers receive information, the speed at which it is obtained, and who it is received from.

Demise Traditional Sales Funnel Enter New Digitalsocial Sales Pipeline

What hasn't changed is that the sales funnel is a top-down process that includes awareness, interest, consideration, and purchase. What has changed, however, is that prospects are entering the funnel much later in this process thanks in part to today’s social/digital age. The way customers buy is no longer a simple path from awareness to prospect to sale, guided by a sales person, according to Ad Age.

The HealthBlawg- Celebrating 10 Years of Ideas, Insights and Innovation

Recently, we learned from HIT “aficionado” John Lynn that his friend and colleague, David Harlow, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his HealthBlawg. To mark the occasion, David has begun what he’s calling, “The Festschriff of the Blogosphere,” inviting other bloggers to contribute posts.

How Online Search Habits Are Evolving Technology

  While traditional online search via desktop browser has been declining over the past 10 years, digital website trends arbiter Memeburn notes that the next generation of search will rely on “far more complex and intelligent methods.” They note that evolving technologies will change not only how consumers discover products but also, the way brands connect with their presence online. Memeburn identified four search technologies that play a significant role in evolving search habits:

Stop Wasting Content by Creating a Data-based Content Strategy

Unfortunately, marketers continue to waste time and resources creating and executing content campaigns that simply don’t work. As a result, a substantial amount of content that is created is wasted.

Social Media Just for the Rank and File? Think again, CEOs!

According to a study conducted by Domo and, 61 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are not active on any major social networks and of those that did have an account, it was found to be inactive.

Your Money or Your Life: Google Search Quality Ratings for Healthcare

When one thinks about the number of websites and online content available today, it is mind-boggling – akin perhaps, to thinking about where the universe begins and ends. On top of that, the competition is fiercer than ever to achieve the coveted top spot (or at least, on the first page) of Google Search results.

Storytelling: The 21st Century Vulcan Mind Meld

As public relations practitioners, we work with storytelling every day: pitching stories to reporters; learning about stories in the media; trying to take information our clients give us and turn it into stories that will resonate with the right audiences.

How Effectively Measure Social Media ROI

The healthcare industry is among many that are utilizing social media to engage patients and communicate valuable healthcare-related information. More than 40 percent of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health (Mediabistro). And, social media’s growing influence both on healthcare consumers and providers doesn’t stop there. Consider that:

The Care and Feeding of the Media

Generally, I’ve always regarded the relationship between public relations folks and the media as symbiotic. On the one hand, journalists need PR practitioners to feed them story opportunities and sources. On the other hand, journalists, particularly those affiliated with the national media, are in essence, the holy grail of the client placement opportunity.

Art And Science of Newsjacking

About a year ago, a story appeared in the news about a first year professional football player calling it quits because he feared suffering the effects of serious head trauma – a condition we now know to be quite prevalent among professional football players – years after his career would have ended.

Half of B2B Marketers Struggle with Proving ROI for Customer Experience Initiatives

“There’s obviously a massive disconnect in what marketers want to do and what they’re focusing on, and then proving it’s effective,” said Stephen Morgan, co-founder of software company Squiz. 

Measuring Brand Impact on YouTube

As mentioned in a previous KNB blog (Boost Your Lead Generation Efforts with Video, 2/2/16), video is a great medium to put a face on a brand and build more personal relationships with potential buyers.

Making the Most of Web and Marketing Analytics

Healthcare has always been a data-intensive industry. And, as the role of technology in the industry rapidly continues to grow, health professionals are trying to determine how they can use data more effectively.

Interesting Trends That Have Surfaced During HIMSS16

  Now that some of the dust has settled from the more than 40,000 attendees who descended upon the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV for HIMSS16, several new directions have emerged for the Healthcare IT industry that should have significance both in 2016 and beyond, according to Health Data Management. What they mean for HIT marketers and communicators is significant as well: generating awareness of your company’s role in these areas will be key, whether through traditional media, creative, strategic content and/or social channels.

How Smart Are Your Content Marketing Goals?

How SMART Are Your Content Marketing Goals? All of us would probably agree that content marketing is important to the success of a company.   Content creates trust and trust is the filter through which all businesses must pass to be successful. Content marketing is also important because marketing just doesn’t work the same anymore. Top-of-mind awareness is much more expensive and difficult to achieve than it once was. And, inbound marketing doesn’t create demand for your products; it simply fulfills it.

Social Media: Is Conventional Strategy All Wrong?

It was unsettling to read some surprising news about social media from Augie Ray, research director covering customer experience for marketing leaders at Gartner. According to Ray, “much of the social media dogma we take as gospel has been wrong from the start. As a result, brands are wasting good money to chase irrelevant or even damaging social media outcomes, and the required improvements are not minor adjustments.”

8 Key Strategies of Effective Digital Marketers

The healthcare industry may have arrived late to the digital age but, spurred in part by the Affordable Care Act’s mandate for electronic health records, the digital age has definitely arrived at the industry’s door and is staying for the long-haul.

Boost Your Lead Generation Efforts Video

We live in a world where the moving picture captures much of our attention. Record-breaking box office numbers; the growing popularity of Netflix, Amazon Video and others proves a point: we like watching moving pictures but even more importantly, we love a good story!

Content Marketing Conundrum

A recent post by Chief Content Officer Magazine’s Joe Pulizzi was attention-grabbing: “Content Marketing – It’s Going to Get Weird.” The post went on to state that a finding from the publication’s 2016 Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends research cited the effectiveness rate for B2B organizations actually went down (from 38% in 2015 to 30% in 2016.) It went on to state that “this is not good and the worst may be yet to come.”

Healthcare IT Takes Center Stage at 2016 Consumer Electronics Show

  Each year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) never ceases to amaze and enthrall us with its array of exciting new “must-haves” in technology. This year’s CES showcased a strong focus on consumer health that put people at the center, according to Jane Sarasohn-Kahn of the healthcare blog Health Populi.

Rip Traditional Journalism

  The death knell for traditional journalism began as early as 2007 when pundits began declaring that “journalism is not dead but newspapers are dying.” Then in 2013, a reporter for the Washington Post came out with her declaration that, “Obama is wrong. Traditional journalism isn’t dead.” In 2014, comedian and actor Jon Stewart very publicly declared that the “Internet has killed newspapers.” Also that year, another headline surfaced that stated, “Newspapers are dead; long-live journalism.”

PR Measurement: How Do We Redefine a Changing Landscape?

The age-old question that has kept many a public relations practitioner up at night focuses on how to accurately measure public relations. Today, that question is even more baffling when you consider that traditional media relations has become only one aspect of PR’s scope, and an increasingly narrow aspect at that. Because the business landscape for PR has become so vast and diverse – covering social media and areas that were previously considered the domain of marketing and creative advertising – it has become increasingly difficult to accurately measure and evaluate the contribution of public relations.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – and a Great Deal More!

Imagine reading storybook classics like “Little Red Riding Hood” or “Cinderella” without the accompanying images on the page: the bright red cape and glistening sharp teeth of the big bad wolf, or Cinderella’s shining coach and henchmen that transform into two fat rats and a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight. Chances are, these stories and others wouldn’t have the same impact without the images from the books that remain in our memories years later.

RSNA Preview: Showcasing Imaging’s Newest and Noteworthy

It’s that time again. Soon after the Thanksgiving plates have been cleared and leftovers consumed, a new gathering will descend -- this time, upon Chicago, by approximately 55,000 medical professionals, manufacturers and educators for the Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA’s) 101st Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, from November 29th to December 4th. (And likely, the eating will continue at the many fantastic restaurants throughout Chicago.)

Communicating Brand Value Through PR And Growing Power Corporate Social Responsibility

We live in a social age where everything is...well…social. We define our tastes, attitudes and beliefs by “likes” and “dislikes” on Facebook. We share information, photos and data with the world on various social channels such as LinkedIn based on what we favor (or not) in our personal and professional lives. And managing one’s reputation is now about a lot more than demonstrating self-control at a school dance or on a date!

Integrated Communications: Showing One Face, Telling One Story, Reaching Many Prospects

New technologies, along with globalization and innovation have forced marketers to change their mentality about how, when and where to communicate with customers and prospects. Add to that the proliferation of available communications channels and it is easy to understand why more and more companies are realizing they must communicate to their target audiences with one face and one storyline in order to be successful. Enter integrated communications.

PR’s Evolving Shift to Mobile

The adoption of communications tools such as PCs, fax machines, email, the web and social media have radically altered how we operate and interact with each other, both on a personal and business level. Likewise, mobile communications is revolutionizing how we practice public relations.

PR's Shift to Mobile

The adoption of communications tools such as PCs, fax machines, email, the web and social media have radically altered how we operate and interact with each other, both on a personal and business level. Likewise, mobile communications is revolutionizing how we practice public relations.

Utilizing Digital/Social Media to Raise Awareness for a Serious Cause

When we think of physicians, rarely do we think of the occupational health hazards they face – particularly physicians who perform life-saving interventional procedures such as coronary angioplasty, vascular surgery, and those involved in interventional radiology and electrophysiology. What all these medical specialties have in common is the use of ionizing radiation.

10 Considerations Successful Crisis Communications Management

We live in a world where crises seem to erupt regularly: from data breaches, incidences of workplace violence and reputational issues to natural disasters, severe improprieties and the threat of pandemics. The fact is, organizations that aren’t prepared to deal with these and other issues truly have their heads in the sand. Unfortunately, approximately 95 percent of organizations today remain either completely or significantly unprepared for a crisis.

Remote Monitoring Tools Provide a New Standard of Care for Patients with Chronic Conditions

This is the last in a series of blogs that celebrate a decade in technology innovation in recognition of National HIT Week.

Robotics in Medicine: The Future is Now!

This is the fourth in a series of blogs that celebrate a decade in technology innovation in recognition of National HIT Week.

Wearable Medical Devices and Sensors: In Fashion and Not Going Out of Style

This is the third in a series of blogs that celebrate a decade in technology innovation in recognition of National HIT Week.

Telemedicine: The 21st Century’s Answer to the House Call

This is the second in a series of blogs in recognition of National HIT Week by celebrating a decade in technology innovation.

Predictive Analytics: A Crystal Ball into the Future for Marketers

Predictive analytics has become an invaluable tool for providers and payers within the healthcare industry for improving patient care, managing chronic disease, improving hospital administration and supply chain efficiencies, and managing costs. Now, marketers are appreciating the value predictive analytics can bring in leveraging the explosion of data available today to improve the bottom line. It can empower them by predicting where their best leads and prospects will be, as well as the most effective ways to reach and engage them.

Athletes Guide PR Career Best Practices

As a competitive athlete, albeit a purely recreational one these days, I have found that the lessons learned on the field, or in my case, on the water, are incredibly relevant in my career.

Health Information Technology (HIT) Needs Its Story Told

HIT leaders must take on storyteller role National Health IT Week offers an opportunity for payers, providers, government, vendors, patients and consumers to celebrate health information technology (HIT) innovations, results, lessons learned and emerging directions. But celebrating past performance isn’t enough. For HIT to turbocharge industry-wide transformation, every HIT professional must take on the increasingly important role of storyteller—sharing the sagas of people and organizations that made a difference.

Media Training is the Key to Successful Interviews – Part 1

This is the first in a series of blogs that address the importance of and “how-to” of media training. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of watching some incredibly talented and intelligent CEOs and other senior executives master media interviews they participated in, either on television, radio or with a print reporter. Alternatively, I have seen others fail miserably at trying to communicate to a broadcast interviewer or print reporter. Invariably, “bad” interviews will always be blamed on the reporter. “They were out to get me/the company,” “They didn’t understand my/our business,” “They asked stupid questions,” “They didn’t give me enough time to finish what I needed to say,” are only a few of the many excuses I’ve heard from company spokespersons I’ve worked with as to why the media interview they participated in either did not result in a story or did not communicate the messages the spokesperson/company wanted to communicate.

Good Writing Will Never Go Out of Style

One of our clients shared a new and exciting technology development with us the other day. Following some brainstorming and strategy discussion with my internal agency account team, I was eagerly ready to hit the ground running and pitch our target media.

In the high profile spotlight, steer clear of memorable flub

Being in the public eye is no easy task. Yes, no denying, fame comes with some great perks. But for me the choice was always easy. I wanted to be the behind scenes. I like being the muse. The coach. It comes with its own power, really. Getting the executive, the celebrity, the guest of honor to recite the words you’ve written. To follow the path you’ve laid.

Good Client Service Never Outdated

  In the 30+ years I have been a public relations practitioner, much has changed, initiated primarily by changes in technology. For example, my IBM Selectric typewriter was replaced by the laptop and iPAD; most mail, as well as telex and the messenger has been replaced by email; social media has changed how a company communicates with its publics, and mobile telephones have blurred the line between work and leisure time. The one thing that has remained constant however, is what I consider to be the top 10 tenets of good client service: