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By Jemma Roche

As a full-service marketing and PR agency who specializes in health IT and biotech, we have the opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in the industry.  We asked a few of them what they were thankful for this year.  What are you thankful for?  Share with us on Twitter.

"I'm thankful for the #HITMC community who cares about each other on a personal and professional level. It's amazing to see how thoughtful and caring those in the community are of each other." ~John, Healthcare Scene

"I am grateful to be covering the healthcare industry at such a dynamic and transitional time. Technology will continue to transform the care provided and the ways patients are able to interact with their own health data. Both point to improved outcomes, and the sky is the limit!"  ~Kerri, Healthcare Writer


"I'm thankful that I am able to practice my craft in a profession that improves and saves lives and I contribute by helping tell important stories in the healthcare tech community."  ~Yuliya, PR Director, KNB Communications

"I am grateful that I work with such smart people who are so passionate about changing the healthcare industry to make healthcare more effective and accessible to all." ~Beth, Director of Marketing, KNB Communications 

"I'm thankful I get to learn about new health initiatives for the betterment of mankind.  Through business development, I'm consistently meeting new people with incredible ideas in health tech." ~Paul, Director of Business Development, KNB Communications     


by Jemma Roche

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