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How to Write a Winning B2B Healthcare Awards Submission

By Jemma Roche

you-x-ventures-Oalh2MojUuk-unsplashAs a full-service marketing and PR agency specializing in health tech, we have written literally hundreds of award submissions for our healthcare, dental, and healthIT clients over our 20 years in business. Applying to win awards can be expensive and time-consuming, so you need to maximize your chances of winning so your investment is worth it.  Here are our top tips for giving you the highest success rate when submitting for healthcare awards, particularly in the B2B space.  

Understand your audience

Your audience will be the judges. Read about the award and the submission guidelines carefully.  Does the award champion creativity, or technical innovation, or metrics-driven success? Understanding the themes and tone of the award will help inform your submission.    

Do your research

Check out previous award winners. Seeing what data appealed to the judges in past years helps you choose appropriate case studies to submit.  

Describe who you are

Make sure to include context and background to your healthcare company. Pretend that the judges do not know anything about you. Include your brand personality as well as your capabilities.  Show how your submission integrates in to your healthcare company’s overall mission.   

Tell your story

Your submission should focus on your healthcare company’s narrative. While you should be sure to include all relevant information, it should be clear and concise. Leave out the jargon.  Judges read a lot of submissions; they will appreciate your brevity.

Be innovative 

Part of innovation involves creativity. Yes, you need to be able to convey your narrative concisely and clearly, but judges also look out for creativity. Be bold and stand out. 

Add visuals 

Don’t just tell, show. Another aspect of innovation includes presenting relevant visuals to support your story. Don’t go crazy, but share enough to enlighten the judges and inject some humanity into your B2B case study. 


Back up your claims with data such as metrics, stats, and most importantly the impact on ROI.  This is especially important in the B2B and health tech spaces, which tend to be very focused on the quantitative.


It is always important to review your submission. Even if there are minor errors, the judges will take note and that diminishes your credibility.  Check for spelling and grammar, and ensure your submission is in a proper format.


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by Jemma Roche

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