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The Top 3 Email Marketing Tips for Health Tech Marketers

By Beth Cooper

Email marketing is an opportunity for health tech brands to present high-quality, unique owned media directly to a relevant audience.  It's a way to engage an audience, and keep them engaged.  Email marketing is one of the most influential tools in a B2B content marketer's playbook. 

Here are some of our expert tips, specially tailored to healthcare marketers:


1.  Map the customer's journey:  Map out who your customers are and what content they would find useful at each step of their journey with your brand.  Health tech in particular can have a very long sales cycle.  We recommend leveraging useful content instead of salesy emails.  Try not to sell; rather, provide resources, information, best practices, and industry news.  Nurture them down the funnel.  This will make your audience have positive feelings about your brand and actually look forward to your emails.


2.  Review and refine your subject lines: Subject lines are very crucial to your open rates and it’s important you create attention-grabbing phrases that highlight why a recipient should engage.  Keep them on the shorter side, personalize them whenever possible, and don't use question marks (they actually lead to lower open rates).


3.  Invest in a good CRM: If you have not already, investing in a CRM/marketing automation tool (for example, we use Hubspot) can really step up your email marketing and sales game. Not only can you automate your email marketing activities, but you can also track leads generated and follow up with those individuals -- all on one platform.  It also helps with benchmarking.  It analyzes your emails and provides valuable data to adapt your strategy and tactics.  Healthcare marketers are often in very data-driven environments, and this level of analytics will help prove the value of your campaigns.

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by Beth Cooper

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