Get your message out there!

Earned media is powerful

Your company's news is important. A press release is still one of the best ways to put your story in front of the media. An earned media placement in a publication not only disseminates information about your company, it also builds a reputation and credibility.  

In order to increase the chances of pick up, press releases should be written in a specific format. We're offering our template to you, free of charge, in the hopes that if you ever need some PR help, you will think of us.

Here's how using a press release works:

  1. You fill in the template with your newsworthy information
  2. Submit your press release to a service like PR Newswire to get in front of thousands of journalists (~$900) 
  3. Make a list of target publications relevant to your company
  4. Pitch your story to any journalist contacts you have
  5. Use a public relations listening tool to see where your story has been picked up

Free press release template