Rapid Deployment Specialists

We Are KNB

We are more than just agency people. We are world travelers, musicians and book worms. We are health nuts and tech geeks. We are foodies, news junkies and sports enthusiasts. We are Type As and Bs. We are a group of unique individuals who love what we do and get great results. We are fascinated by the ever changing healthcare landscape. We celebrate success. We are KNB.

  • Shirin Bhan Shirin Bhan
  • Be Inspirational

    Light the way. In both our professional and personal lives, we strive to be a force that inspires change.

  • Chintan Shah Chintan Shah
  • Be Healthy

    Health is wealth. We care about ours, yours and the world's.

  • Be Cerebral

    Create harmony with logic and creativity. We live outside of the box, transcending norms to create new, meaningful ideas that spread.

  • Kathy-Ann Gobin Kathy-Ann Gobin
  • Yuliya Kutuzava Yuliya Kutuzava
  • Beth Cooper Beth Cooper
  • Be Dependable

    Rain or shine, you can count on us. We deliver the highest level of performance and excellence of work the first time, every time.

Shirin Bhan
Chintan Shah
Kathy-Ann Gobin
Yuliya Kutuzava
Beth Cooper