Digital Audit

Having an understanding of where you are now helps you to better understand where you are headed.  KNB zeroes in on your digital marketing presence through a situational analysis of your current program. Leveraging in-depth research of your target demographics, current content ownership, and analytics tracking leads KNB to build custom goals to move you along the road to digital marketing success.

Digital Planning & Strategy

The success of any digital strategy is only as strong as the sum of all of its parts. Based on your customized goals, KNB engineers a holistic digital marketing strategy supported by creative tactics and best practices--from email campaigns to paid social ads. Whether you’re looking for long-term digital guidance or short-term campaign support, KNB delivers end-to-end strategies that fit your timetable, budget and priorities. 

Social Media Monitoring

Emerging as a force within social media—from LinkedIn and Facebook to Twitter and YouTube, demands more than one-way content posting. Building digital relationships calls for tailored  content anchored in customer needs and expectations.  At KNB, we offer active community management, social listening, social reputation management and thoughtful digital direction to provide you with a social media presence that is informative. Our digital direction delivers a social media presence that fits three invaluable social media success criteria: insight, interactivity and consistency.  

Content Production

KNB helps you make sense of content marketing. We’re with you every step of the way—from content strategy and development, to content promotion and content performance measurement.  We’ll reveal how you can leverage existing content and still have a framework for new content creation.  Our process delivers  no matter what communication channel you choose—from Websites, to blogs, infographics, multimedia presentations, video and social media.  

Digital Advertising & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Hyper-targeted paid digital advertising allows you to reach your audience in the same places they’re looking at for information. KNB shows you how to grow your digital presence via paid advertising, retargeting/remarketing and social media—from Facebook and LinkedIn ads, to sponsored Tweets.  Leveraging Google AdWords to drastically improve your SEO and searchability will allow you to reach a broader, more targeted base of viewers and potential customers.

CRM & Marketing Automation Management

Your customers—past, current and future--are your organization’s lifeblood. KNB tracks and engages your customers with speed, accuracy and efficiency.   By implementing and managing CRM platforms and marketing automation strategies and best practices, KNB re-engineers and optimizes your sales cycle. You’re able to guide potential customers through vital sales touch points—from initial contact to purchasing decision.

Website & Mobile Development

In a world reliant on mobile technology, KNB knows that connectivity between Web, mobile and social is no longer a “nice to have”; it’s a “need to have.” KNB offers turnkey solutions to provide clients with state-of-the-art mobile app and full-scale website development, microsite creation and responsive web design, creating total synergy between all your mobile and web technology systems. 

Metrics and Analysis

Knowledge is power and KNB delivers the tools you need to make informed, impactful, evidence-based decisions. Robust analytics zero in on successes, gaps and opportunities.  You get an integrated snapshot of elements such as Facebook likes, Twitter engagements, click-through rates, search volume and email open rates to provide you with current state metrics and strategic direction.