Customer Segments, Personae and Target Audiences

KNB helps you organize former, existing and potential clients and customers into groups with similar attitudes and behaviors. As a result, you can develop more highly personalized engagement strategies and more precise, accurate messaging.

The Customer Journey Mapping/ Experience

KNB offers a detailed step-by-step process that maps how customers and clients interact with your brandfrom initial brand awareness and purchase consideration, to actual purchase and post-purchase response. 

The outcome: You’ll identify the best channels for reaching influencers and decision makers. Plus, you’ll zero in on the best messages and tactics to meet customer/client expectations and deliver on your brand promise.

Customer Surveys and Market Research

Based on what you need and want to learn about clients and customers, KNB will help you develop, manage and report on the results of online and in-person research. You’ll develop more precise insights into what clients and customers expect and how your organization can better meet those needs.

Focus Groups

KNB can help you orchestrate face-to-face group sessions to secure client and customer feedback on new and revamped products and services, marketing channels and messages. The result: You’ll gain early insight into what customers need, want and prefer in products, services, marketing and messaging.