Market Research

Knowledge is power. KNB relies on a trusted, systematic process to gather data on market performance and customer attitudes, preferences and behavior.  Whether you prefer online surveys, one-on-one interviews or focus groups, KNB delivers the data, information and insights you need to revamp marketing strategies and seize fresh opportunities for business growth.

Strategic Marketing Planning

KNB blends market research and industry knowledge with best practices that cover every corner of marketing—from brand management, customer behavior and mobile, to metrics, graphic design and sales.  This results in a strategic marketing plan filled with impactful strategies, tactics, timeframes and accountabilities.  Going forward, you achieve business and sales goals on target, on time and on budget.   

Marketing & Sales Collateral

Driving sales revenue is a critical focus for every organization.  KNB supports sales and customer engagement with its end-to-end marketing collateral solutions—from needs assessment and content development, to design, printing, distribution and promotion. Whether you’re intrigued by a robust non-traditional online marketing and advertising program or require support for your existing traditional approach like brochures, hand-outs, and posters, KNB delivers what you need, when you need it.

CRM & Marketing Automation Management

Your customers are the lifeblood of your organization, and we help you organize and engage them with speed and efficiency. By managing your CRM and implementing Marketing Automation and lead gen strategies and best practices, KNB optimizes your sales cycle by guiding your customers through various touchpoints from initial contact to sale.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is an aggressive and effective method of supporting your marketing and advertising efforts by reaching out directly to individual customers and end-users. Let KNB show you how direct marketing tactics such as email campaigns, direct mail, text messaging, fliers, will boost sales, turbocharge loyalty and recapture former customers.

Product Launch & Positioning

Whether you’re planning to launch a product or service, KNB can help. The best product launches build sales momentum.  KNB reveals how to match solution capabilities to market needs, build position statements and messages, set clear launch goals and time your launch to maximize sales.  You’ll discover the best strategies to promote your products’ strengths based on your customer’s attitudes and expectations. KNB will help you to bring new and innovative products to market with speed and efficiency.

Conference/Trade Show Management

There's nothing more important to our clients than the opportunity to explore meaningful, interactive, face-to-face networking opportunities and industry events are the best place to accomplish this. KNB delivers fresh strategies for maximizing the benefits of these events —from sponsorships, workshops and track session presentations, to surveys, special events, interviews and invitation-only breakfast and lunch briefings. Whether you choose a major national conference or a local, state or regional event, KNB will be with you every step of the way —from exhibit design, lead generation and management to event collateral, spokesperson training and media follow-up.    

Identity Development & Branding

KNB will help you develop a strong, clearly articulated brand strategy and positioning as a baseline for communications marketing.   Based on your organization's  needs, priorities and goals, KNB will assess brand equity values and design a road map for competitive differentiation.  Your personalized and  customized branding program will embrace elements ranging from brand essence, brand attributes and value proposition, to corporate messaging and positioning,  creative development of logos and visual identity design systems marketing. 

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