Environmental assessment

KNB examines your programs, projects and solutions in the context of diverse environmental forces—from economics, politics and business, to consumerism, technology and medicine. We blend an analysis of your competition with insights into the trends that shape healthcare, marketing and media. As a result, you will uncover hidden, untapped opportunities to move your organization forward. 

Media relations

KNB gets your name and message into the national, business and trade media—from a trusted trade publication like Modern Healthcare or a major metro business journal like Crain’s Chicago Business, to a national newspaper like The Wall Street Journal, to a cable network like CNBC or magazines like Forbes and Fortune. We’ll show you how to craft core messages and drive them home via media training. You will connect with editors, reporters, bloggers and opinion leaders with high credibility, influence and reach.

Social media

From Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram, to Pinterest, Tumblr and GooglePlus, social media have transformed the way we communicate.  KNB mobilizes the best B2B social media tools available to turbocharge your visibility, credibility and communications clout.   Whether you decide to develop a blog network or launch a Linkedin group, KNB is with you—to plan, monitor, analyze and evaluate the impact of social media on your business agenda.

Events + conferences

Even in the age of Twitter and Facebook, there’s no substitute for face-to-face, one-on-one interaction—at conferences, trade shows, summits and special events. KNB will help you pinpoint events with the greatest sales, lead generation and media potential and deliver back-up in the form of media training, on-site media support, lead generation techniques and event follow-up. We’ll show you how to make the most of your next event via sponsorships, surveys, campaign launches, invitation-only panels and user group meetings.


Everybody loves a winner. Healthcare is no different. KNB helps you reap the value of healthcare awards—whether you decide to submit a client case study to a respected awards competition or design your own awards program to deliver kudos to five-star professionals and organizations.  KNB will help you sort through diverse award options and design recognition and awards programs that complement your business agenda.

Analyst relations

From IDC Health Insights and Gartner, to Frost & Sullivan and Forrester, analysts have the power to move markets and influence opinion leaders. KNB maintains close ties with key thinkers and influencers throughout the country—from Washington, DC and Silicon Valley, to Wall Street and Austin, Texas. We’ll show you how to use your message platform to win the attention and respect of future-focused healthcare leaders and thinkers.

Government relations

Government helps set the healthcare industry’s agenda—whether the conversation centers on meaningful use, Medicare reimbursement or healthcare reform. It’s why organizations turn to KNB to build credibility with local, state, and national government leaders. KNB is there for you—whether you want to connect with Congressional committees, regulators and legislators, or build bonds with government agencies and healthcare associations, think tanks, foundations and consortia.

Crisis communications

It’s not what happens to your organization; it’s how you respond and move forward.  Almost every organization comes up against a crisis—whether it involves executive behavior, solution performance, finances or customer dissatisfaction.   KNB has the process, tools and experience to minimize the impact of an actual or anticipated crisis and help you respond with speed, confidence and grace.  As a result, KNB controls negative exposure, turning a crisis into an opportunity.

Thought leadership

How does an organization position itself to lead an industry and forge   creating a path for change, innovation and transformation?  The answer is thought leadership.  KNB will position your organization as a leader and change architect by tapping every available PR and marketing channel —from case studies, issue briefs and white papers, to byline articles, presentations, and hosted events.   And you need not go it alone.  KNB will help you orchestrate relationships, partnerships and alliance that are sure to make a difference.    

Content generation

KNB helps you make sense of content marketing. We’re with you every step of the way—from content strategy and development, to content promotion and content performance measurement.  We’ll reveal how you can leverage existing content and still have a framework for new content creation.  Our process delivers  no matter what communication channel you choose—from websites, issue briefs, white papers and presentations, to blogs, press releases, articles, press kits, bylines, case studies, infographics, video and social media.

Media training

An organization needs more than an iron target message. It needs executives to share that message with confidence and skill. KNB has programs that reveal how to research a reporter, prepare for an interview, and deliver comebacks to every possible type of question.  Whether you see yourself on CNN or Fox Business, or in the pages of the New York Timesor Modern Physcian, KNB has the experience and resources to make your media vision a reality.

Speaking opportunities

KNB knows how to identify the conferences, trade shows and summits that win customers and influence opinion leaders. KNB can also position you as a potential keynoter, track session speaker, panelist or roundtable moderator. Gaining respect as a sought-after healthcare speaker will solidify your position as a respected healthcare thought leader.

Strategic planning

KNB can help you craft public relations, marketing and communication strategies that fulfill your mission, vision and values. Anchored in your needs, priorities and goals, your strategic plan will outline the strategies, tactics, resources and metrics needed to move your organization forward.

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