The communications marketing firm that speeds up success 
for health and health tech companies

At KNB Communications, we help companies accelerate success in a rapidly changing business and regulatory environment. We have grown up in the space. We understand the need to shorten the sales cycle, establish thought leadership, beat the competition and build lasting customer relationships. Our unique and efficient approach, SpeedToSuccess™, helps health tech companies accelerate growth through powerful, targeted communications.

We are Committed to Credibility

  • What we do is


    Our extensive knowledge, experience and unmistakeable passion consistently deliver measurable results & strengthens relationships with our clients.

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    If you're looking for a 'one size fits all' solution,


    We deliver tailored solutions and provide an unmatched partnership.

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  • We have specialized in health tech for

    18 YEARS

    We have a vast network and unparalleled industry expertise to help SpeedToSuccess.

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