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Beth Cooper, VP of Marketing and Sales, Healthcare PR Marketing
Jan 18, 2024

Beth Cooper quoted in MSN: her advice for promotions + colleagues

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Jul 08, 2023

KNB is named one of the top public relations agencies of 2023

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Jun 01, 2023

KNB Communications celebrates 25 years of award-winning work

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Beth Cooper
Feb 19, 2024

Beth Cooper's blog, "11 parts of an irresistible RFP for healthcare comms agencies" was featured on Healthcare NOW Radio

Feb 09, 2024

KNB Communications is a Gold Sponsor for Swaay.Health Live 2024

Gaby Hermes, operations manager
Jan 30, 2024

Gaby Hermes quoted in SHRM discusses AI and its advantages in HR

Beth Cooper
Jan 23, 2024

Beth Cooper quoted in HealthcareNow Radio discusses growing your LinkedIn network in 2024

Corrie Fisher Health tech PR expert
Jan 19, 2024

Swaay.Health mentions Corrie Fisher was named Qwoted's Top 100 in PR

Laura Hill, Healthcare PR Marketing Manager
Jan 05, 2024

Laura Hill of KNB Communications: 5 tips for your B2B marketing strategy

Corrie Fisher, Healthcare PR Marketing
Jan 02, 2024

Corrie Fisher of KNB named Qwoted's Top 100 in PR

Human of healthcare online AI campaign healthcare health tech biotech Beth Cooper KNB Communications
Nov 13, 2023

Beth Cooper was congratulated by Swaay.Health on her MUSE Creative Award Win

Oct 11, 2023

Beth Cooper's Interview as the 2023 MUSE Creative Award Winner

Oct 01, 2023

Beth Cooper's article "Refining your healthcare or life sciences messaging quickly: a guide for when time is of the essence" was featured on Healthcare NOW Radio | October 2023 Health IT Marketing Minutes

Sep 25, 2023

Gaby Hermes elaborates on the potential pitfalls of using social media for hiring

Beth Cooper, VP of Marketing + Sales at KNB Communications
Sep 20, 2023

Beth Cooper gives tip on creative ways to get press coverage for your small business

Jeff Headshot-1
Sep 09, 2023

Jeff Rusack's article "Navigating the intricacies: establishing PR contacts in the healthcare media space" was featured on Health IT Answers | September 2023 Marketing Minutes

Sep 07, 2023

Chintan Shah on the impact of COVID-19 on customer acquisition + retention

Emily Boland-headshot
Aug 16, 2023

Emily Boland's article "7 things a healthcare company should consider when deciding on an agency partner" was featured on Health IT Answers | August 2023 Marketing Minutes

Aug 16, 2023

Beth Cooper's top 5 tips on how to be successful in AI

Aug 16, 2023

Beth Cooper's top 5 tips on how to be successful in AI

Aug 16, 2023

Beth Cooper's top 5 tips on how to be successful in AI

Aug 16, 2023

Beth Cooper's top 5 tips on how to be successful in AI

Jul 27, 2023

Amy Roberts quoted by with insight on "How to Write a Killer Quote for an Expert Roundup"

Jul 22, 2023

Chintan Shah interview featuring KNB 25th-year recognition and industry success

Jul 20, 2023

Beth Cooper gives insight on the importance of market research

Jul 20, 2023

KNB Communications is selected by DiFusion Technologies, Inc. to amplify its brand and generate biomaterials buzz

KNB marketing website slider 25 year-02-1-1
Jul 14, 2023

Health IT Answers features KNB in their July 2023 marketing minutes

Jul 13, 2023

Chintan Shah participated in a panel discussion at the JITO-USA entrepreneurship and innovation conference

1232KNB marketing website slider 25 year-02-1
Jul 08, 2023

KNB is named one of the top public relations agencies of 2023

Jul 03, 2023

Healthcare NOW Radio features KNB in their July 2023 marketing minutes

Jun 29, 2023

Beth Cooper provides insight on the top 5 competitors to ChatGPT

Jun 29, 2023

Chintan Shah as an industry panelist for the JITO entrepreneurship and innovation conference

Jun 29, 2023

Chintan Shah contributes as a JITO-USA industry panelist

Jun 28, 2023

Chintan Shah receives recognition as a JITO-USA entrepreneurship and innovation conference panelist

Jun 22, 2023

Swaay.Health congratulates KNB Communications on their 25th year anniversary

Jun 20, 2023

Corrie Fisher gives insight on PR tasks she incorporates into her workweek

Jun 15, 2023

KNB Communications celebrates 25 years of award-winning work

2023-05-09 09_17_45.157-0400-1
Jun 09, 2023

Beth Cooper is named as one of 116 women in health IT to know | 2023

Jun 08, 2023

Beth Cooper provides sales techniques for lead nurturing

Jun 05, 2023

Laura Hill gives insight on AI + marketing

May 04, 2023

Beth Cooper on the future of search-related content

Laptops against globe blue illustration. Globalization concepts
Apr 24, 2023

Best tips on how to optimize leads-based ads from Beth Cooper

cameras (1)
Apr 14, 2023

Beth Cooper on creative ways to get press coverage for your small business

Apr 09, 2023

Beth Cooper's top 5 tips on how to be successful in AI

Apr 03, 2023

Bridget Saroff gives her top tips on building a strong healthcare brand

Apr 03, 2023

Corrie Fisher on healthcare media pitching preferences.

Mar 06, 2023

Amy Roberts on navigating PR opportunities in healthcare

Feb 19, 2023

Beth Cooper's top 5 tips on how to be successful in AI

Feb 17, 2023

Chintan Shah's advice on how to emphasize being a quick learner

Feb 05, 2023

Beth Cooper on how to become a successful marketing manager

Erica Velander BW-1-1
Jan 24, 2023

Erica Velander shares why PR newswire services are still a valuable tool

Jan 10, 2023

Chintan Shah on the importance of after-action review

Canva Design DAFUA9kxVEo
Jan 08, 2023

Meredith Wishart discusses social media and the future of health IT marketing

Jan 03, 2023

Interview: Chintan Shah, President of KNB Communications

Dec 06, 2022

Amy Roberts shares how PR is critical in healthcare due to the incredibly high stakes

Canva Design DAFTcoH85_g
Nov 28, 2022

Corrie Fisher on strategies for securing media placements to boost your senior care marketing

chintan -1
Sep 04, 2022

Why hiring an agency president might be just what your agency needs to grow faster

Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.-1
Aug 16, 2022

Reduce your Facebook ad CPM with these 10 pro tips

Jul 18, 2022

5 Organic, Free Methods to Grow your Health IT Instagram

Hand touching tablet pc, social media concept-1
Jul 14, 2022

Healthcare Content Marketing: Dos and Don'ts

Jul 08, 2022

Experts recommend avoiding these 17 content marketing mistakes

Jun 15, 2022

Women power players in Health IT

Jun 13, 2022

How to get quoted in healthcare media: our PR experts spill the secrets

Jun 06, 2022

Amy Roberts on gaining trust in public relations

Jun 03, 2022

68 marketers give their input on what makes content go viral

May 17, 2022

HITMC 2022 Conference Summary

mary -1
May 09, 2022

PR Pros: Mary Guiden of KNB Communications

two-business-women-working-together-with-laptop-in-2021-08-28-20-06-52-utc (1)-1
Feb 04, 2022

How to ask someone to be your mentor, 35+ amazing tips

My project-1
Jan 24, 2022

The Power of Diversity in Healthcare: 6 Black thought leaders weigh in

Jan 19, 2022

Healthcare & Health IT Predictions for 2022

Dec 16, 2021

Women in health IT to watch in 2022

Dec 07, 2021

6 PR Trends That Are Ready to Be a Big Deal in 2022

Nov 30, 2021

Underutilized Content Strategies

Oct 31, 2021

How The NFL, NHL And Three Teams Responded To Their Latest Crisis Situations

Oct 11, 2021

Chintan Shah, KNB Communications – Innovative Approach Combining PR With PR-Driven Marketing Techniques Delivering Measurable Results

Oct 04, 2021

11 Embarrassing Public Relations Faux Pas You Better Not Make

Sep 25, 2021

Mile Post: Rise of the Remote Worker

Sep 24, 2021

14 Best Sales Techniques From Expert Sellers in 2021

Sep 09, 2021

11 Proven Ways to Lower Your Facebook Ad CPM

Sep 09, 2021

Top Media Experts Share Tips To Help #WomenEntrepreneurs Get the Media Attention They Deserve

Sep 08, 2021

Why You Need a Wellness Wednesday with Nurse Lauren

Aug 30, 2021

How to Emphasize Being a Quick Learner on Your Resume

Aug 27, 2021

PR Automation vs PR Tasks: How Much Time and Effort Can You Save?

Aug 25, 2021

Deadlines In Afghanistan—Or Any Crisis—Are A Bad Idea. Here’s Why.

KNB story
Aug 23, 2021

The No 1 Question Every Public Relations Expert Should Know How to Answer

how to be a good employee
Aug 12, 2021

19 Best Qualities of a Good Employee

Aug 04, 2021

Email marketing myth about sending email on a particular day busted!

Jul 24, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Reporting: How Often Should You Create a Social Media Report

Jul 13, 2021

Are Marketers the Original Influencers? KNB Communications HITMC Lightning Talk

Jul 08, 2021

13 Ideas on How to Use Google Sheets In Your Business

Jun 29, 2021

Get the Results You Want with LinkedIn Ads – June Virtual HITMC Event Summary

Jun 28, 2021

11 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Facebook Ad CPM

Jun 17, 2021

Health IT Marketing Minutes

May 30, 2021

KNB Communications Wins HITMC Awards and Honorable Mentions

May 28, 2021

9 Ways to Break Through a Website Traffic Plateau

May 03, 2021

How to Best Answer “What Are Your Strengths?” in a Job Interview

May 03, 2021

KNB Wins Stevie Award for Communicator of the Year

Apr 23, 2021

"Marketing For Your Future" with Jemma Roche from KNB Communications

Apr 22, 2021

Facebook vs. Linkedin: Which Channel is Better for B2B Marketing?

Mar 18, 2021

Content Ideation: Best Practices and Tools for Content Marketing Success

Mar 12, 2021

How Early Should You Arrive for a Job Interview

Mar 05, 2021

“Marketing For Your Future” with Christina Tuck from KNB Communications

Feb 24, 2021

"Inside Look" with Beth Cooper from KNB Communications

Feb 17, 2021

Meet Chintan Shah, President of KNB Communications

Feb 02, 2021

6 Surprising Ways to Use Google Adwords (Google Ads ) You Haven’t Tried Yet

Nov 28, 2020

Chintan Shah of KNB Communications: How To Take Your Company From Good To Great

Nov 10, 2020

14 Tips for Boosting Your PPC Campaign Performance

Nov 09, 2020

53 Social Media Pros Explain the Art of Posting on LinkedIn

Thoughtful Attractive Young Woman Answering Crossword Puzzle Game on Newspaper at the Living Room Couch
Nov 03, 2020

What Makes an Ad Memorable?

Oct 28, 2020

How to Ask Someone to Be Your Mentor, 35+ Amazing Tips

Stevies win-1
Oct 22, 2020

KNB Wins International Stevie Award for Communicator of the Year

Online Advertising Concept
Oct 21, 2020

What Does CPM Stand for in Advertising?

Oct 19, 2020

How to Say No at Work Without Feeling Guilty

ppc vs seo
Oct 16, 2020

SEO vs. PPC – Which Strategy is Right for Your Business

Aug 20, 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on Customer Acquisition & Retention in IT Industry

Aug 14, 2020

SEO Tips From 20 Content Marketers Who Are Crushing It

Aug 08, 2020

15 Ultimate SEM Hacks to Boost Your Campaign Performance

Aug 07, 2020

11 Ways to Use HubSpot CRM To Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Aug 07, 2020

“Ignite Success” with Beth Cooper from KNB Communications

award -1
Aug 06, 2020

2022 Medigy HITMC Awards: KNB Communications, Blog of the Year

business documents on office table with smart phone and laptop computer and graph financial with social network diagram and three colleagues discussing data in the background-2
Aug 06, 2020

9 features every great dashboard tool should have

Content Marketing Blog-1
Aug 06, 2020

How to use trending conversations and popular hashtags to build your brand

Jul 30, 2020

31 Expert Tips for Setting Helpful Goals in Google Ads

Jul 30, 2020

Health IT Marketing Minutes

Jul 14, 2020

11 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Facebook Ad CPM

Jul 13, 2020

Get the Most from Your Platform: 7 Pro Tips for Marketing Automation Success

Jul 02, 2020

SEO Tips From 20 Content Marketers Who Are Crushing It

Jun 22, 2020

5 Burning Questions with the Rising Stars of HITMC

Jun 18, 2020

Health IT Marketing Minutes

Jun 09, 2020

How to Communicate With Your Remote Team