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Media Training is the Key to Successful Interviews – Part 1

This is the first in a series of blogs that address the importance of and “how-to” of media training. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of watching some incredibly talented and intelligent CEOs and other senior executives master media interviews they participated in, either on television, radio or with a print reporter. Alternatively, I have seen others fail miserably at trying to communicate to a broadcast interviewer or print reporter. Invariably, “bad” interviews will always be blamed on the reporter. “They were out to get me/the company,” “They didn’t understand my/our business,” “They asked stupid questions,” “They didn’t give me enough time to finish what I needed to say,” are only a few of the many excuses I’ve heard from company spokespersons I’ve worked with as to why the media interview they participated in either did not result in a story or did not communicate the messages the spokesperson/company wanted to communicate.

Good Writing Will Never Go Out of Style

One of our clients shared a new and exciting technology development with us the other day. Following some brainstorming and strategy discussion with my internal agency account team, I was eagerly ready to hit the ground running and pitch our target media.

In the high profile spotlight, steer clear of memorable flub

Being in the public eye is no easy task. Yes, no denying, fame comes with some great perks. But for me the choice was always easy. I wanted to be the behind scenes. I like being the muse. The coach. It comes with its own power, really. Getting the executive, the celebrity, the guest of honor to recite the words you’ve written. To follow the path you’ve laid.

Good Client Service Never Outdated

  In the 30+ years I have been a public relations practitioner, much has changed, initiated primarily by changes in technology. For example, my IBM Selectric typewriter was replaced by the laptop and iPAD; most mail, as well as telex and the messenger has been replaced by email; social media has changed how a company communicates with its publics, and mobile telephones have blurred the line between work and leisure time. The one thing that has remained constant however, is what I consider to be the top 10 tenets of good client service: