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KNB Extends RemitData Brand via Data-Driven Stories


RemitData is a healthcare technology company that leverages comparative data to bring transparency and collaboration across the healthcare industry. Because the company owns healthcare’s most comprehensive provider-oriented electronic remittance advisory (ERA) database of outpatient ANSI 835 data, an opportunity emerged to leverage this data to fill a gap in the media's ability to access healthcare data to support stories. The company teamed up with KNB to extend the RemitData brand and build visibility, credibility and clout.


KNB created "Stats for Stories," a proprietary program that showcased and shared with trade and business publishers, editors and reporters data that normally was only available to certain areas of the healthcare industry. “Stats” brought transparency to areas such as denial rates, top procedures and reimbursements for a variety of medical specialties and invited media to tap into Remit’s database to support interviews or articles on these and other topics.


With "Stats for Stories," Remit’s data became the story. The company developed visibility and credibility via placements in national business media such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and VentureBeat, to trade publications ranging from Physician’s Practice, Medical Economics and Healthcare Finance News. Moreover, KNB forged and sustained relationships between RemitData and key media through a program of regularly scheduled data sharing, resulting in online and print slideshows, infographics and quizzes. Ultimately, “Stats for Stories” reached an audience of millions, including key opinion and thought leaders. By partnering with KNB, RemitData extended its brand, leveraged and marketed content, and increase visibility and credibility in the media.