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4 Tips for Great Healthcare Website Navigation

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User-friendly experience is one of the biggest factors in website building. Particularly in health tech, a potential client needs to come across a well-organized, detailed, and easy-to-navigate website. There are plenty of ways to make a healthcare website more user-friendly and here are the top five tips to do so!

Invest in data visualization

Data visualization is a great option for making your website more user-friendly and it's a worthwhile investment. Healthcare technology is a pretty complicated field. It has the potential to be confusing, especially if the information isn’t presented properly. All of the complex ideas should be presented in a digestible and understandable way.

One of the best ways to grow your healthcare business is to step up your website game. We live in a digital era and there is no better way to increase visibility and approach people than by using the Internet properly. Your website should provide the users with accurate and easy-to-understand information. Iconography, colour palettes, and explanatory text can all help you get this message across. You can present numbers and percentages in fun and interesting ways. Use charts, pictures, and tables whenever possible. Check with some colleagues how understandable they find your website whenever you try something new!

Make it mobile-friendly

At this point, over half of web browsing is done on a mobile device. When a healthcare website isn’t mobile-friendly, you have a major problem. The purpose of such a website is to be informative. However, if the information isn’t organized and visible, the users have no interest in staying on your website. If you don’t want a high bounce rate, you should rapidly make some changes to your website. This is important for Google ranking as well. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you might not show up in the search results. Having a mobile-friendly website is going to give you a competitive advantage.

Be strategic with long-form content

Nobody expects a healthcare blog to be short and simple. Health tech is a very complex topic and long-form content is often necessary in order to adequately explain the subject matter. However, there are a couple of tricks to approach this type of content without losing any potential readers and users. Firstly, you should never publish it as massive blocks of text. If people wanted that, they'd open a textbook, not a blog on healthcare.

Seeing too much text can drive people away. On the other hand, having the information presented structurally and strategically can improve your business and increase the traffic on the website. For example, being aware of such concepts as local SEO could help you reach your target audience and present them with digestible content full of relevant and accurate information. This is perfect for two reasons – you'll rank higher in local searches and your blogs will be easy to read and understand.

When hiring new writers and creating content, make sure that the focus is on quality. Even the longest of articles will be read if they are well-written. When it comes to the structure of the text, don’t forget to leave some space. Use some wide margins, significant space between lines, and break the paragraphs into smaller units. Make sure to break the content into subtopics and place images strategically. This way, you could write extremely long blogs and you won’t have to worry about driving the users away.

Make use of the visual assets

People appreciate both functionality and aesthetics. There are numerous ways to make your website more interesting when it comes to the visual aspect. Images, animation, and videos are the best ways to do so. Having a strong visual component to your website will make users want to stick around longer. Users make up their minds on a website extremely fast. They don't need more than two-tenths of a second to form an opinion on your brand. They do this solely on what they see as soon as they open your page in the browser. To improve your visual component game, you can do a lot. Firstly, you should use some high-end photography and videography. Make sure to pick relevant pictures and educational videos. If you have many visual elements, make sure that they are well-balanced. When it comes to the colors, you shouldn’t choose too vibrant or too bland colours. You should have a palette that is evocative of your brand personality. Stick to reliable grids and don’t mix graphics that don’t go well together. You should also ensure that there are occasional white spaces – you don’t want to overwhelm the user with content!


Websites are necessary for B2B health tech companies. It is often the first touchpoint with your brand and provides useful information to customers and prospects. Implementing these tips will help to increase your SEO, decrease your bounce rate, and increase time on page.

Nick Brown

Co-editor at Media Gurus


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