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Amplifying Black voices in health + wellness

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As we celebrate Black History Month, KNB Communications is proud to present a special blog roundup dedicated to amplifying Black voices in the realm of mental and physical health and wellness. This initiative is not just a celebration but a mission to honor and spotlight the invaluable contributions of Black content creators who have left an indelible mark on our lives. From artists and social media influencers to bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and public speakers, we delve into the stories of individuals who inspire, educate, motivate, and positively impact our world. Each selected creator, through their unique platforms and content, offers us a window into diverse experiences and perspectives, enriching our understanding and appreciation of health, wellness, and beyond. Whether it's through empowering travel narratives, innovative vegan recipes, daily runs that challenge the limits of endurance, or art that speaks to the soul, these voices bring to light the significance of Black contributions in shaping a more inclusive and holistic view of wellness. Join us as we explore these impactful stories, celebrating the creators who not only influence our personal journeys but also contribute to a broader dialogue on diversity, inclusion, and global citizenship.

Beth Cooper

Glo Atanmo (@glographics) is one of my favorite content creators. She inspires, educates, and empowers a large community of individuals online, mostly active on her blog and instagram account, where she combines lifestyle, travel, and a thought provoking story about self- discovery and world knowledge. 

Glo has influenced my life in ways that go beyond her advice for travel and everyday life. Her writing inspires and motivates me, pushing me to exceed my limits, see more of the world, and welcome the lessons that come with every new experience. Glo's journey has served as a reminder that mental and emotional development and the well-being of the people we interact with are all important components of health and wellness in addition to physical well-being.

As we commemorate Black History Month, Glo is a noteworthy illustration of how Black content makers are influencing conversations about social justice, wellness, travel, and health. Her work has made both a positive impact on her followers' lives as well as a substantial contribution to a larger conversation about diversity, inclusion, and global citizenship. Glo's significance is evidence of the value of sharing one's path with the world.

Bridget Saroff

I’ve been following Alexis Nikole (@blackforager) on Instagram for a few years now! She’s a vegan who shares food and recipes concocted directly from nature. Her account not only promotes healthy eating habits, it also educates followers about environmental science. Seeing her videos always makes me want to get outside!

Jeff Rusack

Hellah Sidibe (@HellahGood) has run every day since May 15, 2017, including running across America. Everytime I see his content on TikTok, I’m guaranteed to smile or learn something new, more often than not, it’s both. As someone who is just learning about the joys of running, it’s just great to see such a positive person  sharing his love for the sport and inspiring others on their journeys to better health.

Laura Hill

Lindsey Rachel (@lindseythecreative) is a remarkable visual artist and author who embodies the spirit of creativity, positivity, and inspiration. She has a passion for inspiring other artists and creatives. She always has a positive, uplifting message. Her aesthetic is absolutely beautiful, and her page is filled with positivity, creativity and calm. It’s impossible to pass up any of her posts in my feed. 

Her work is a testament to the power of art in promoting mental wellness and personal growth. It's this unique blend of visual and textual storytelling that has made Lindsey Rachel an influential figure. Her messages of hope and creativity serve as a reminder of the beauty that exists in the world and the potential within each of us to contribute to that beauty. Following Lindsey has encouraged me to pursue my creative passions with greater confidence and to approach life with a more positive and open mindset. Her emphasis on the importance of creativity in personal growth and mental health has inspired me to incorporate more creative practices into my daily life, leading to a more fulfilled and balanced existence.

I absolutely love her gallery and what she captures through the lens of her camera. If you are in need of a photographer, you can contact her through her website. Lindsey also wrote a book of poetry called Poetry de la Sōl. You can also find her book on her website: https://lindseythecreative.com

Cate Geiger

Tyra Banks is an American model, actress, producer, and writer. Tyra is most active on Instagram and TikTok.  Tyra had her own talk show, "The Tyra Banks Show" (2005-2010)! Tyra also served as guest host and judge on various programs such as Dancing with the Stars and America's Got Talent. She also wrote a novel called Modelland, a New York Times bestseller. As someone who is just beginning their professional career, I have been motivated by Tyra's transformation from model to businesswoman through her endeavors such as her production company,  cosmetics line, and novels. She has been an inspiration of what can be achieved by determination, hard effort, and to follow your dreams.

Mahlia Flores

Andrew Bernard (@thenarddogcooks on YouTube) has garnered a massive following for his high-protein, vegan recipes. Upon my transition to a plant-based diet to reduce my carbon footprint and elevate my energy, I was introduced to Andrew's channel as an inspiring resource. I discovered that vegan cuisine could be both fulfilling and flavorful. From delicious desserts to savory meals, he does it all! 

Lilah Epstein

Doctor Darien (@doctor.darien), a board-certified ER Doctor, utilizes his TikTok platform to share stories about humorous exchanges with patients while also bringing attention to prevalent disparities amongst minority populations within the healthcare system. Darien’s blend of comedy and education creates a very engaging experience, making each of his videos truly worth watching. As someone pursuing a career deeply connected to the ever-evolving healthcare industry, Doctor Darien’s page serves as an important and enjoyable outlet to learn about current healthcare trends as well as healthcare inequalities. 


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