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Boost your lead generation efforts video

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We live in a world where the moving picture captures much of our attention. Record-breaking box office numbers; the growing popularity of Netflix, Amazon Video and others proves a point: we like watching moving pictures but even more importantly, we love a good story!

When this concept is applied to lead generation, using video can turn a stranger into a prospect with ease. Not only does video cut through marketing clutter and engage viewers, video can spark emotion, make viewers laugh or cry and inspire them to act. As one marketer puts it, “Facts tell but stories sell, and there is no better storytelling format than video.”

Research conducted by Vidyard, a video marketing and sales enablement company, found that more than 70 percent of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium, and adding video to an email campaign can increase click-through rates by up to 96 percent.

Video is a great medium to put a face on a brand and build more personal relationships with potential buyers. It can be used by B2B marketers in a variety of ways, such as product demos, customer stories and influencer interviews, to name a few. And, since the primary goal for B2B marketers is lead generation, video is proving to be a powerful medium to accomplish this, particularly as prospects begin to move through the sales funnel.

Healthcare marketing is increasingly embracing video to effectively tell its story. Video applications in healthcare seem endless, and can include: in-office videos to educate/inform patients; informative social media videos that include health tips and information; and a physician series that answers common patient questions, to name just a few. And, there is no stronger marketing story than a positive review from a patient. Personal, relatable patient experiences can help educate others and build trust between a physician and prospective new patient.

So – how can you make video work for your lead generation goals? Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Define your target audience – Is it C-suite decision-makers? Mid-level influencers?
  • Define the video’s purpose and understand where it fits in your content funnel – knowing this up-front will save money because you can create very specific, targeted videos with simple messages that will help you keep well within limited budget parameters.
  • Select the right video type for its purpose – Will it be talking heads? Interviews? Animation? A combination of these?
  • Decide where to host your video – While YouTube may be a great way to build a subscriber base, hosting videos on your website allows you to positively impact SEO ratings by adding video to your site map and keeping prospects on your site longer.
  • Determine the correct length – A Forbes/Google Insights Report of Video in the C-Suitefound that a majority of executives prefer videos that are three to five minutes in length. Others suggest that the ideal length should really be a function of its stated purpose. The best rule of thumb is to create videos that are between two to five minutes long.
  • Promote your video – Share links to your video on social media channels you’re actively using. Create a blog post featuring your clip and leverage your email promotions by adding a still shot with a link to the actual video. For those using Google AdWords, get adventurous and create an AdWords for Video campaign that features your clip on YouTube.
  • Measure the results – all leads are not created equal. If additional leads were generated from the video you’ve won half the battle, but if none of them converted to opportunities or closed deals, you still have some work to do.

Video is the next best thing to being with your prospects in person. It allows for more meaningful conversations and, ultimately, helps close more deals.


KNBeings are the team members behind KNB Communications. KNB Communications is a top 10 health tech marketing and PR agency specializing in healthcare, biotech, and life sciences.


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