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How Enneagrams Can Help Healthcare Marketers

By Kiersten Keating

Enneagrams are very insightful, and can be beneficial to healthcare marketing professionals. Enneagrams are part of a personality categorization technique that describes patterns in how marketers interpret their surroundings and manage their emotions. Enneagrams can be categorized into nine personality types which are defined by a particular core belief on how the world works. It may be helpful to know some of your healthcare marketing colleagues and even healthcare clients' enneagram to understand their beliefs, needs, passions, and fears on a deeper level.

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The nine types of the Enneagrams are divided among Heart Types, Head Types, and Body Types. 

Heart Types (Type 2, 3, and 4)

Heart types depend on your emotional intelligence to understand your own reactions and emotions. 

Head Types (Type 5, 6, and 7)

Head types depend on your intellectual intelligence to make sense of things. 

Body Types (Type 8, 9, and 1) 

Body types depend on your instinctual intelligence to follow your instincts. 

Below is a graphic of the Enneagrams and which category they type they belong to. Can you see the connection between your enneagram number and your personality?

Enneagram, Personality test

Want to take the test to see what personality type you fall under? Click  here to see which enneagram best represents you!

Us KNBeings are full of healthcare agency professionals with different personalities who all have one main goal, to help our clients. To learn more about KNB Communications click here. 

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by Kiersten Keating

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