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#KNBQueries: Is it more professional for women to wear makeup to work?

By Angela Chan

For women, wearing makeup at work can be a complex issue. On one hand, taking a look at the media will tell us that a professional style for women is a modest, tailored outfit, a full face of make-up and perfectly coiffed hair. On the other, women are breaking through barriers and setting their own boundaries at a record pace, especially as it comes to appearance.

We asked our healthcare marketer followers on Twitter if it was more professional for women to wear makeup to work. Here are the results from our social media community.

On Twitter, 28.6% of users agree that wearing makeup is actually less professional, but 42.9% of users like to wear makeup to work anyways. 28.6% of users voted for neutral or no opinion.

#KNBQueries Twitter poll results

For the record, at KNB Communications, we support a woman’s choice to wear or not wear whatever she chooses. 

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by Angela Chan

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