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Letter from our President: year in review 2022

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In the coming days, the vast majority of us will set some type of resolution. We’ll vow to eat better or spend less, declutter our homes or exercise more. A few of us will beat the odds, but studies show only a measly 12% of resolution makers continue to pursue their goals once the last chorus of Auld Lang Syne is over.

I’m proud that KNB Communications falls into the 12% category of resolution makers and goal pursuers. This time last year, we set some ambitious — if not audacious — goals. And then, with unabashed optimism, we set out to make 2022 our best year ever — for KNB Communications, our employees, our clients, and the healthcare ecosystem.

Throughout 2022, KNB Communications put a laser focus on its team and its values. “KNBeings,” as KNB team members are affectionately known, spent this past year emphasizing:

Inspired innovation, and Commitment to the cause.

As a leader, I have always believed strongly in taking care of your team and that consistently reminding them of our shared vision will yield the strongest work for our valued partners.

Inspired innovation.

I regularly challenge the KNBeings to reject the status quo. On our quest for continual self-improvement, we refreshed our website and increased traffic by 111%. Our blog, updated weekly, saw a 300% increase in readership and has become a go-to for marketers and industry professionals. Similarly, our monthly newsletter distribution has grown by 65%. We highlight industry trends and make it an easy, fun read combining informativeness with personality. For our innovative work, we also won several awards, including several Hermes Creative Awards, a dotComm Award, a Stevies International Business Award, an eHealthcare Leader Award, and several HITMC Awards. Our agency was also featured in several high-profile media publications like Thrive Global and Forbes.

We extend the same fervor for innovation to our work for our clients. Several of our clients explained their technology in detail on NPR and in Forbes. We secured an interview in TIME Magazine, which prominently featured our client in its “Future of Medicine” special edition. We authored enticing award submissions for clients, helping them nab top honors at CES (Consumer Electronics Show)--the most influential tech event in the world, and the UCSF Digital Health Awards, the leading awards event in the health tech industry.

Commitment to the cause.

KNB has affected the healthcare industry more than ever before, growing by 3x in number of clients. Client retention remains strong and client referrals have become among the top new client acquisition channels for KNB. We also acquired new partners in website development and digital animation.

We built up our mentorship program. The KNB team mentored 7 interns in 2022. KNB prides itself on giving back to the younger generation with a wealth of knowledge in the healthcare, health tech marketing and communications field. It’s our way of furthering the future of the cause.

We also advanced our Internal Development of Education, Achievement, + Success (IDEAS) program which includes 1-hour-long sessions with executive leadership. With each person on the team averaging 15 years of professional experience, there’s so much to share and learn.

We made new friends, and kept the old. KNB increased human capital by over 125% in 2022, and also celebrated several 5+ year employment anniversaries. KNB is proud to be a minority-owned and run business, with a staff that is over 80% female and over 45% minority. Our diversity is our strength, yet our unity comes from the passion each KNBeing has for the impact that KNB is making in the world by helping health tech companies change lives.

And that’s just the highlight reel! We plan on setting similarly aspirational goals in 2023, and achieving them. We encourage you to do the same, and wish you the best fortune over this next exciting year.

Chintan Shah

Chintan Shah is the President and Managing Parter of KNB Communications. Chintan is a seasoned sales, marketing, and communications professional with a fervent commitment to harnessing technology and innovation for solving intricate challenges, with a particular focus on healthcare. His unwavering belief in the transformative potential of technology within healthcare drives his enthusiasm for marketing pioneering products and services that enhance people's quality of life through disruptive yet user-friendly technological solutions. Chintan boasts a remarkable track record in crafting both short-term and long-term strategic blueprints to propel business expansion and forge specialized sales and marketing alliances. His leadership acumen is evidenced by his proficiency in assembling and guiding teams of adept professionals toward surpassing targets and catalyzing growth.


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