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Maximizing X Ads for healthcare marketers

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Maximizing X Ads for healthcare marketers

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Maximizing X Ads for healthcare marketers

Welcome to the eGuide designed exclusively for healthcare marketers using X Ads. In this guide, we will walk you through the various subscription options, multi-user login benefits, campaign types, and advanced targeting features available on X Ads.

You can also download the eGuide here.

1. Subscription types on X Ads (FAQs)

Basic subscription

Includes essential Premium features like editing posts, longer posts, longer video uploads, reply prioritization, text formatting, bookmark folders, custom app icons, and more.

Premium subscription

Includes all Basic features plus a checkmark, reduced ads, ads revenue sharing, creator subscriptions, larger reply prioritization, ID verification, access to Media Studio, and more.

Premium+ subscription

Includes all Premium features with additional benefits like no ads in the For You and Following timelines, largest reply prioritization, and coming soon, access to Grok (conversational AI).

For detailed information on subscription pricing and frequently asked questions, please refer to the X Ads website or contact our agency for a customized quote to manage your organic and paid campaigns.

2. Multi-user login (FAQs)

Multi-user login allows you to grant access to other users for your X Ads account, helping you manage campaigns effectively and securely. As an agency, you can request your client to set up multi-user login access between their ads account and your agency ads account in order to run campaigns on their behalf.

How do I use multi-user login as an agency?

To use multi-user login, your client can set up access between their ads accounts and multiple agency ads accounts to run different campaigns from each ads account.

3. Types of campaigns

X Ads offers various types of campaigns tailored to your marketing objectives:

Awareness campaigns

Objective: Reach a wide audience.

Ad formats: Video views, pre-roll views, app installs, website traffic, engagement.

Consideration campaigns

Objective: Engage and educate potential customers.

Ad formats: Video views, pre-roll views, app installs, website traffic, engagement.

Conversion campaigns

Objective: Drive specific actions like app re-engagements or website conversions.

Ad formats: App re-engagements, website conversions.


Note: Follower campaigns no longer exist, but this could change in the future.

Note: You can set up an X Pixel or Conversion API to track conversions / actions effectively.

4. X Ads targeting (information)

X Ads provides advanced targeting options to reach your desired audience effectively:

Audience types

Use audience targeting to serve ads based on conversations, events, interests, movies and TV shows, keywords, follower look-alikes, and engagement.

With these advanced targeting options, healthcare marketers can create highly customized and effective ad campaigns to engage with their target audience effectively.

This guide should help you navigate the world of X Ads and make informed decisions when it comes to subscriptions, campaign types, and targeting options. For more personalized guidance and to discuss how our agency can help you achieve your healthcare marketing goals, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Laura Hill

Laura Hill, Marketing Manager at KNB Communications, is a seasoned marketer with over a decade of experience in full-stack marketing. Her expertise extends to the intersection of cutting-edge technology, data-driven insights, contemporary marketing approaches, and corporate branding. Laura excels in crafting and implementing high-impact marketing strategies, placing a strong emphasis on analytics and lead generation. Her work consistently drives outstanding results in digital marketing, showcasing impressive conversion rates. Moreover, Laura's meticulous monitoring of key performance metrics ensures the achievement of ambitious corporate goals.


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