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Performance marketing for healthtech

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Before we can talk about why performance marketing is optimal for healthtech organizations, we first must know exactly what performance marketing is.

Performance marketing is a mix of both paid advertising and brand marketing, and the goal of this is to monitor how your marketing plan is working. There are 4 groups of individuals who collaborate to make performance marketing happen: retailers, affiliates, affiliate networks + tracking platforms, and affiliate managers. Together, these 4 groups work to achieve a common goal from the marketing plan.

Healthtech B2B, or “Business to Business” marketing in healthtech, is a very metrics-driven space. This means that the ability to measure how a marketing plan is performing, is crucial to making sure your marketing plan is as effective as possible. This also allows you to re-evaluate your plan and make adjustments as you see fit. 

In terms of healthtech specifically, performance marketing can be extremely beneficial in measuring data, expanding your audience, and increasing SEO. Specific techniques that can be used in your performance marketing techniques include personalized messaging and trust-building. 

Both patients and physicians alike will want to feel as though a specific company or organization is speaking directly to them; making a product specifically for them. Similarly, an organization should strive to make sure its marketing campaigns are reaching the correct audience. This gives a sense of personalization that many patients and physicians look for in a healthtech company, and can lead to the development of trust between parties. 

Patients put trust in their doctors to help them heal.

Doctors put trust in healthtech brands to be reliable and innovative in the research they conduct and the products they create.

Performance marketing is an efficient way for a team of people to work together to accomplish a common goal from a marketing plan. In the healthtech industry, this is extremely useful for increasing audience reach, SEO, leads, and overall sales.


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