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Top 10 deadly health tech landing page mistakes

By Beth Cooper


Your click-through rate is looking great, but you’re not getting conversions! There are a few reasons why this might be happening. Here’s a list of big mistakes you might be making on your landing page that could be undermining all your great digital marketing work. 


  1. 1. Don’t be selfish.

Remember, this is all about them. Not you. They don’t care what you are selling, they care about what it will do for them. They also need to feel like they are receiving a benefit from you in order to give up their contact info. Keep the focus on the customer.


  1. 2. Don’t use too many words to say something that you could say just as effectively with fewer words.

Be succinct.  


  1. 3. Don’t offend them. 

Obviously, you would never do that intentionally, but especially in healthcare marketing, there are nuances. Don’t say something like, “You need our help!” It may not elicit the reaction you were hoping for.


  1. 4. Don’t be too professional. 

Even in b2b marketing, you’re still connecting with a person. Being too stiff and stoic won’t allow for a human connection. Write conversationally, in a tone that is appropriate for a friendly colleague.


  1. 5. Don’t forget proof points.

You need to be credible. Add a few proof points on your landing page to back up the claims you’ve made in the ad that drove them there.   


  1. 6. Don’t be too broad.

People are afraid of pigeon-holing themselves, but an even more dangerous prospect is not being known for anything specific. Call out the target persona you’ve designed the landing page around. Outline a clear use case. Do not, under any circumstances, note only that you provide your customers with “data analytics” for “actionable decision making.”


  1. 7. Don’t use a lame CTA.

Check out our list of interesting ones we like for healthcare marketing.


  1. 8. Don’t make it difficult.

How much contact info are you asking for? How many keystrokes and clicks is it taking to download your lead magnet? Are you making it more difficult than it really needs to be? Don’t do that.


  1. 9. Don’t use an irrelevant asset.

The asset you’re offering has to feel valuable to your target audience. 


  1. 10. Don’t skimp on design.

People are influenced by visuals, and a good design will make the brand seem more credible and make the user experience easier. Check out our tips on how to design for conversions. 


If you’re not getting the conversions you want, one or more of these factors may be causing issues.

by Beth Cooper

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