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Top 5 Healthcare Marketing Content Trends in 2022

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With the fast-paced healthcare environment we are living in, it is no surprise that healthcare marketing content trends are also constantly changing. In order to stay competitive and produce the best quality content, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends. Here are some of the top trends in healthcare marketing content in 2022:

Trend One: Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence may be nontraditional, but it is leading to exceptional patient care outcomes. With its surge in healthcare, more than 86% of healthcare companies are using AI. It allows for doctors to have a better grasp on their day-to-day responsibilities while being transparent with the feedback they give patients. Patient-care delivery can be very positively impacted by AI, which is why it is beneficial to implement.

Trend Two: Telehealth

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has become more useful than ever. Because this was the only care option for quite some time, patients and staff became accustomed to it. Not only is telehealth more convenient across the board, but it is the future of healthcare. It allows for a more efficient doctor’s visit without leaving the comfort of your own home. Many patients prefer to use facilities that offer telehealth, therefore, it’s here to stay.

Trend Three: Electronic Health Records

Another great example of convenience would be electronic health records (EHR). EHR allows for a more suitable patient experience by giving updated and reliable access. This allows patients to retrieve their health records online through private charts, e-mail, text, etc. This also allows providers from all over the country to receive medical records and respond to patients in ample time, which creates more satisfied patients.

Trend Four: Personalization

Patients are very attracted to a personalized appointment, so they will find somewhere else to go if they don’t feel that. Providing personalized care for patients makes them feel more informed on their conditions while giving them direct access to almost every detail. Allowing patients to dictate their healthcare journey with a healthcare professional alongside them provides a more personalized experience that reminds them they matter. This will convince them to stay.

Trend Five: Consumerization

Convenience is a major factor in patient-based needs. Database and software programs have been created to provide a seamless experience for providers and patients. Both are able to retrieve data in hand without the hassle of calling the office and waiting for results. Having every detail accessible at your fingertips is very attractive to patients while making it easier for doctors and reception staff.


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