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Top 5 Traits of a Healthcare Influencer

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Today anyone with a social media account and an eye for design or a mind full of opinions can be an influencer. That’s just the truth about influencer culture. A little creativity and a smartphone is sometimes all it takes to inspire an audience.

But healthcare influencers are an entirely different lot. The way healthcare professionals have taken to social media to spread awareness on industry issues and connect with peers continues to astound many. There is something these #HCLDRs all have in common:

    1. Credibility Comes First

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      Something all healthcare professionals take pride in is their credibility, especially when it comes to the information they distribute on the platforms they use.

    2. Hashtags Are On Point

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      Our healthcare influencers use the best hashtags. How do they do it? Influencers know that using the right hashtags makes it easier for audiences to engage in the conversation. Hashtags also help keep the message’s momentum going.

    3. Source of Inspiration


      Healthcare is a human-centered cause. Seeing posts like these remind us why we do what we do every day! Bonus: they make us smile!

    4. Your #1 Fan


      Healthcare influencers will root for their peers and share their stories! Whether is be online in a Twitter Chat, or in person at a conference, this breed of influencers live by the notion that being a part of a community is the best way to share ideas.

    5. Dialogue is Key


Healthcare influencers know that sometimes great minds think differently and learning from shared opinions and ideas is the reward.


The only thing better than watching #HCLDRs inspire, trust, and consult one another is to practice these attributes yourself. The secret 6th treat of a healthcare influencer is fearlessness, after all.

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