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Understanding the anatomy of a Scientific Communications Platform (SCP)

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A Scientific Communications Platform (SCP) is a central pillar in the world of life sciences. Its purpose is to provide a consistent narrative framework for communicating a company’s scientific story and data. However, understanding what makes a solid SCP requires delving into its various components. Let's embark on a journey through the anatomy of an SCP.

Executive summary

The executive summary is the first part of the SCP. This section succinctly presents the platform's purpose, scope, and key content, serving as a brief introduction to the story the SCP is conveying. It's essential to write this section with clarity and precision as it forms the first impression and sets the stage for the rest of the document.

Background and context

This part provides an overview of the broader scientific landscape, setting the context for the information contained within the SCP. It includes the latest developments in the field, historical context, and a clear statement of the current knowledge gaps the SCP aims to address. The background section gives the reader the necessary information to fully understand and appreciate the SCP's content.

Key scientific story

At the heart of every SCP lies the key scientific story. This is the main narrative that encapsulates the organization's unique research and data. This story should be compelling, easy to understand, and built upon strong, evidence-based findings. It's also crucial to ensure that the story aligns with the broader organizational strategy and goals.

Supporting data

The supporting data section is where the evidence behind the key scientific story is presented. This section should include all the relevant research, studies, clinical trial data, and other scientific evidence that supports the main narrative. The data must be presented in a way that is understandable to various stakeholders, from the scientific community to the general public.

Key messages and proof points

This section distills the key scientific story and supporting data into clear, concise messages. These key messages act as the take-home points that the organization wants to communicate to its audience. The proof points, meanwhile, are the key pieces of evidence that support these messages. Together, they provide a clear and compelling summary of the SCP's content.

Stakeholder communication guide

The stakeholder communication guide helps tailor the SCP's messages to different audience segments. Each stakeholder group may require a unique approach, whether they're scientists, policymakers, educators, or the public. This guide provides direction on how to adjust the language, tone, and focus of the communication for each group, ensuring the messages resonate effectively.

Evaluation metrics

This section details how the SCP's effectiveness will be measured. This could include metrics such as the frequency of SCP usage, the impact of its communications on the target audience, or the changes in understanding or behavior it drives. These evaluation metrics provide valuable feedback for refining the SCP and enhancing its future effectiveness.


A Scientific Communications Platform is an integral part of any life sciences communication strategy. However, its effectiveness depends heavily on its structure. By understanding each component of an SCP - from the executive summary to the evaluation metrics - we can craft a platform that is not only scientifically rigorous but also resonates with diverse audiences.

The power of an SCP lies in its ability to convey complex scientific stories in a clear, compelling manner, and its parts all play a critical role in achieving this. The future of life sciences communication is here, and it's built on the foundation of well-crafted Scientific Communications Platforms.

Beth Cooper

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