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Navigating the intricacies: establishing PR contacts in the healthcare media space

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Building public relations (PR) contacts in any industry is no small feat, but it becomes even more challenging in the healthcare media space. With its unique blend of scientific complexity, sensitive patient stories, and evolving regulations, this sector requires a nuanced approach to forge successful relationships. Here's how you can traverse this labyrinth.

Understanding the landscape

The healthcare media landscape is a vast, complex ecosystem. It's filled with a multitude of stakeholders - from journalists and editors focusing on health, wellness, and science, to bloggers, influencers, and industry experts. Each has their own interest, approach, and audience, making it crucial to understand this intricate network before initiating contact.

Performing a thorough research

The path to establishing PR contacts begins with exhaustive research. Understanding the work of the individual journalist or media outlet, their preferred topics, the audience they cater to, and their previous articles or features can seem overwhelmingly detailed. Yet, it's this comprehensive understanding that is the first step to successfully navigating the healthcare media world.

Tailoring your message

Every healthcare media contact is unique, with distinct preferences, areas of interest, and ways of working. This means there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to communication. Crafting personalized pitches, adapted to individual journalists or outlets, requires significant effort, creativity, and patience. Yet, it's a critical process that sets the foundation for a potential relationship.

Building credibility

In an industry where credibility is paramount, creating a trusted name for yourself or your organization is an ongoing task. This involves sharing accurate, valuable, and timely information consistently. Achieving this requires staying updated with the latest in healthcare and being able to effectively communicate this knowledge. This continuous investment in credibility can be both taxing and time-consuming.

Maintaining relationships

Once you’ve managed to establish a connection, maintaining it becomes the next challenge. Relationships with healthcare media contacts need to be nurtured and sustained over time. Regular check-ins, appreciating their work, and providing exclusive information can require constant effort. Nevertheless, it's these seemingly small yet significant gestures that can consolidate these hard-earned relationships.

Handling rejection

In the vast healthcare media sphere, rejection is a common occurrence. Despite your best efforts and intentions, you may not always receive the response you expect. Dealing with rejection professionally, understanding the reasons behind it, and refining your approach accordingly is an arduous process, but it's an integral part of building resilient PR contacts.


Navigating the healthcare media landscape to establish PR contacts is a demanding journey that requires meticulous research, individualized communication, credibility building, continuous relationship nurturing, and a resilient attitude. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but for those who endure, the rewards can be immensely gratifying.

However, for those who find the task daunting, partnering with a specialist PR agency, like KNB Communications, can be a great strategy. With our rich experience and established relationships in the healthcare media space, we can be your compass, guiding you through this intricate maze and helping you achieve your communication goals.

Jeff Rusack

As a 4X Emmy-nominated journalist, Jeff Rusack understands what it takes to tell a captivating story. From covering the immediate aftermath of tornadoes to shining a light on the remnants of Love Canal waste placed next to a neighborhood. Jeff’s coverage as a journalist almost always focused on the health of the people he was covering. Now, as a media relations manager with KNB Communications, he uses that knowledge of crafting stories and translates it to his healthcare clients. With his 10+ years of journalism experience, he amplifies the stories of companies helping people live longer, healthier lives, from the smallest of startups to the Fortune 10.


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