#WeAreKNB Series: Kodi Smith

By Tiffanie Smith

The "We are KNB" series gives you a peek behind the curtain to understand what makes our band of healthcare communications experts tick. We ask them about their motivations and goals as well as some personal questions. 


This month we would like to highlight our Account Director Kodi Smith. Here are a few questions we asked her below:

  1. 1. What made you gravitate towards KNB Communications? 

When I came across the role with KNB Communications, I was instantly intrigued by the opportunity to work in a position that allowed me to utilize all my strengths. I am a researcher, so I spend hours reading and learning about places before I even consider applying. One of the first items I came across while looking into KNB was their blogs. I loved the information KNB shared, and I loved the proactive way they do it. The team bios were informative but fun, and I knew this was an organization I wanted to work for!

  1. 2. What are you most excited about in health care tech?

The future obviously and being able to find ways to serve everyone and find creative solutions to solve health disparity. Meshing technology with care to CHANGE how we see and treat everyone.


3. How would you describe the culture at KNB?

Fast and furious but fun! Honestly, that is the best explanation. It was obvious from day one, the culture here encourages participation, learning, and being the best you can be with a whole team to support you! No one left behind!

4. What's the best advice you've ever received? 

Being assertive is an asset, not a deficit. Play to your strengths and when it comes to getting things done .. assertiveness is a-ok!

  1. 5. What's your favorite TV Show? 

Oh, this is hard … TV isn’t something I spend a lot of time watching as we are outdoor people. I guess Weeds would be my all-time favorite. Although I was very sad when they finished A-typical. 


  1. 6. What is one interesting fact people do not know about you? 

When I was young my dream was to be the first nationally syndicated female shock jock! Obviously, I didn’t make that one happen and I am ok with it :) Also, once upon a time, I held more financial licenses than most of the men I worked with! I was a licensed financial compliance officer, branch manager, and options trader (I won several awards during my time as a financial advisor too).

by Tiffanie Smith

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