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#WeAreKNB Series: Tiffanie Smith

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  1. The "We are KNB" series gives you a peek behind the curtain to understand what makes our band of healthcare communications experts tick. We ask them about their motivations and goals as well as some personal questions.
  2. This month we would like to highlight our Marketing Coordinator Tiffanie Smith. Here are a few questions we asked her below:

What drew you to healthcare marketing?

In my last semester of college, I obtained an internship at Vizient South where I was able to learn about healthcare marketing and gained interest in the field. While I also come from a family of nurses, working in the healthcare marketing field has been very inspiring because I am able to help and educate people by spreading awareness on topics in the healthcare industry.

What is your favorite part of your job?

There are so many parts of my job that I love, it is hard to point out a favorite! Managing our intern class each semester has been a great experience because I am able to lead by example and teach college students about PR and marketing. I love that I can help build their portfolio and provide valuable career tips to prepare the interns for the business world.

What change do you want to see in healthcare?

A change I would like to see is for more low-cost options provided for people who do not have health insurance. This was a huge concern last year when Covid 19 hit and a lot of individuals were laid off from their jobs. As a result, Americans were left without health insurance with an option to apply for COBRA. However, the cost of COBRA is too high for someone who is jobless, making it difficult to afford. There are currently some programs that say they provide low-cost options based on a person's income, but the pricing is still a bit expensive.

What is one important tip you would suggest to someone who is just starting in the field?

Staying on top of the current trends is what I would recommend to someone starting out in the field. This is very important because the industry is constantly changing, and it builds credibility and value to show that you know where your field is heading in the future.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment thus far has been my completion of the University of South Florida’s Digital Marketing Certification Program! By obtaining this certificate, I was able to refresh my knowledge on social media marketing, analytics and content marketing.

What makes you laugh the most?

I am a pretty silly person so making me laugh is not a hard thing to do. Comedy movies always make me chuckle along with TV shows that express a lot of humor. One movie in particular that I find so funny is Anchorman! No matter how many times that movie airs, it never gets old. Honestly, I laugh at everything I can because life is more enjoyable that way!

Tiffanie Smith

Education: B.A. in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing from Georgia State University; Digital Marketing Certification from University of South Florida. Professional background: Tiffanie has five years of experience as a marketing professional. Her specific niche is in digital marketing, project management and social media. Tiffanie is responsible for all internal and external marketing initiatives for KNB Communications. She also runs the award-winning intern program. Expertise: Digital marketing, social media and project management. Jeopardy Fact: Tiffanie is very passionate about blogging and writing on personal topics to motivate individuals to succeed in their every day lives. She also loves nature and traveling, and she is a big time movie goer.


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