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What Makes a Quote "Quotable?"

By Angela Chan

To build brand awareness and credibility in the healthcare marketing industry, it helps to be a media resource. So, to entice a reporter to pick up your quote, here are a few pointers to keep in mind while crafting your next quote for the media.

Keep it short.
Journalists and reporters are reading constantly. Don’t take up their valuable time by being superfluous. Eliminating unnecessary words and using action words will help to keep your sentences short and punchy.

Make it readable.
Did you know most healthcare media articles are written on a sixth-grade level? This is because it makes the writing easier to read and allows your audience to understand your message quickly. You’re an expert, but you don’t need to use industry jargon. In fact, your point may be better understood if you can explain it in common terms.

Be human.
We all tend to write more formally than we speak. When submitting a quote to a reporter, it is often written but it should sound as though it were spoken. Keep the writing conversational and avoid overly formal words or phrasing. Ask yourself, “Is this how I would say something if I were being interviewed by the reporter in real time?”

Be bold.
To be quotable, you must have an opinion or point of view. Journalists and reporters are not just looking for facts or information, but also your meaningful insights and perspectives that will provide value. Making a challenging claim or bold prediction about the future will increase your chances of getting your quote picked up by the media.

Be unique.
Remember, you are competing with other sources to be featured in a publication. Therefore, you should not just focus on WHAT you are writing, but also think about HOW you are writing it. Be creative in your syntax and diction so your quote stands out.

Before you start writing, always do your research about the reporter and their publication. Creating the perfect quote for a media placement is a challenge, but it is definitely worth it. Be sure to keep these tips in mind the next time you are writing for the media!

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by Angela Chan

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