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2022 projections from KNB marketing and PR experts

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Video marketing will become priority

Video is the most important piece of content to create for any brand and is now the new powerhouse of the marketing industry. Short form video, live shopping events, product demos and segmented videos are very popular video marketing projections for 2022.

- Tiffanie Smith, Marketing Coordinator at KNB Communications

10-15 strong media contacts is more impactful than 50 weak ones

Similarly to choosing a smaller circle of ‘best friends’, fostering relationships with a close-knit group is more manageable for getting to know one another and building trust. Working within a freelance capacity has been a preference for many media contacts. In 2022, there will be far greater opportunities when you put energy into really getting to know someone, especially if the goal is to secure coverage with a variety of sources.

- Corrie A. Fisher, Account Executive at KNB Communications

Bundled deliverables for cohesive, multi-channel alignment

I foresee companies and agencies striving and planning for more cohesive, multi-channel communication efforts. Aligning media relations, paid advertising, social media, and email marketing is worthwhile, and companies are starting to notice how it pays off. The planning in Q4 2021 and heading into the new year will pave the way for magnified results throughout 2022.

- Emily Boland, Account Executive at KNB Communications

Social media integration + automation

Social media is now part of mainstream marketing plans, including B2B healthtech. Yet, every social media manager knows the pain of logging in to multiple platforms to post across channels and run ads. The social media platforms have long held their API's close to the vest, but if they want ad dollars, they're going to have to streamline the media-buying process. I foresee third parties striving to build more robust "all-in-one" centralized profiles for businesses to run both the paid and organic sides of social. They'll also have to work with the platforms to automate more of the marketing tasks like engaging with comments. Please!

- Beth Cooper, VP of Marketing + Sales at KNB Communications

Cultivating consumer trust

In 2022, brands need to take a stand on the issues that matter most to earn consumer trust. It is imperative to use content marketing to communicate your brand values and promises to your customers. According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report, when consumers trust your brand, they are more likely to advocate for your brand, stay loyal to your brand and purchase your brand. Consumers want to see integrity and authenticity from the brands they love. Brands need to go beyond their products and services to actively make a difference in our society. With all the issues our society is currently facing, there will be countless opportunities in 2022 for brands to create consumer trust and loyalty.

- Laura Hill, Marketing Manager + Client Services at KNB Communications

Increase adoption of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has already made a huge difference in how brands interact with consumers and how marketing strategies are managed. In such a rapidly changing environment, it’s difficult to predict what the future holds. Having a system that is constantly evolving and assessing data is the key to driving the next generation of marketing conversions and sales. ROI is practically assured.

- Sandy Gutierrez, Digital Marketing Strategist at KNB Communications

In-person media relations will finally be back

From people finally getting back into their offices to share space with their colleagues, to meeting clients in-person again, to attending networking events, conferences, and meeting with media in-person, 2022 looks like a year that we will finally be able to get face to face with others in our industry - the better to collaborate, present messaging, and demonstrate products, services, and knowledge. We learned a lot about how to be effective doing things remotely, but re-learning the personal touch will have an affect on all of your relationships in the marketing and PR world.

- Doug Haslam, Account Director at KNB Communications

Personal/transparent branding will be required from brands

After the BLM rise and protests in 2020, more consumers from gen z + x have expressed transparency from brands that speak to their true beliefs beyond a social media post. Consumers are looking for realness and truth through company policies and partnerships with black and brown companies.

- Christina Tuck, Account Executive at KNB Communications

Personalization will be essential

Personalization is already a popular trend in marketing, but will be essential for attracting and retaining consumers in 2022. Consumers want to be treated as individuals and the personal experience is what keeps clients satisfied and engaged with a brand.

- Katherine Buhl, Intern at KNB Communications

Omnichannel marketing will continue to increase in relevancy

As correspondence with consumers continues to disperse across platforms, the demand for brands to create a seamless experience for customers will only increase. Brands will need to focus on strategizing consistent, homogenous messaging and communication as they interact with consumers across channels.

- Aisling Gigandet, Intern at KNB Communications

The concept of fake news will be major issue

While the concept of “fake news” started as a political rallying cry, it is now a very real concern. With loads of websites and outlets dedicated to spewing misinformation, showcasing purchased product reviews, and sharing paid 5-star ratings, it can be difficult for consumers to find the truth. Authenticity, truthfulness, and transparency are equally, if not more, important than quality, quantity, and value. The pandemic has given all of us time to reflect on what’s important to us and be more thoughtful about where and how we spend. Consumers are no longer willing to believe a mission statement or corporate talking head claiming a company does the right thing — they want proof. Customers will seek, support, and engage with brands aligned with their ethos — and they’re more than willing to call out dishonesty and inaccuracy. The days of saying one thing something different are over.

- Amy Roberts, Vice President of Communications + Client Services

Tiffanie Smith

Education: B.A. in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing from Georgia State University; Digital Marketing Certification from University of South Florida. Professional background: Tiffanie has five years of experience as a marketing professional. Her specific niche is in digital marketing, project management and social media. Tiffanie is responsible for all internal and external marketing initiatives for KNB Communications. She also runs the award-winning intern program. Expertise: Digital marketing, social media and project management. Jeopardy Fact: Tiffanie is very passionate about blogging and writing on personal topics to motivate individuals to succeed in their every day lives. She also loves nature and traveling, and she is a big time movie goer.


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