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3 healthcare branding elements to build up for lead gen

By Beth Cooper

3 healthcare branding elements to build up for lead gen 


There are plenty of companies out there who are addressing similar pain points to the ones you do. But there’s only one you. The additional layer that makes you different, and we are not talking about a product feature, is your brand. Your brand can be your differentiator, the reason that people want to do business with you over a competitor. Showing up as unapologetically YOU will work wonders on your lead gen and sales, as long as your brand aligns 3 big elements with their ideal target persona.


As an industry, health tech tends to be a bit more focused on the rational and a bit less focused on the creative. Often, branding work is overlooked as an integral part of lead generation. 


  • 1. Credibility - I trust you. 


People are not going to make a big investment in a brand that is not tried and true. You need to prove that your brand is highly credible: that the claims you make are truthful, and the products or services you offer will work. 


Content to use to highlight your brand’s credibility: earned PR placements and testimonials.


  • 2. Personality - I like you.


Your brand should be attracting the right people to you. It’s perfectly okay if your brand turns off some people, as long as they are the “wrong” people. Your brand personality consists of your choice of visuals and the copy you use. It should appeal to your target audience. 


Examples of things that highlight your brand personality: blogs, ads, imagery.


  • 3. Integrity - I want to support you. 


Plenty of brands tout their value of transparency, but it needs to go a step further. As society becomes more and more conscious and socially aware, people want to commit their budgets to a brand with integrity. 


What highlights your brand integrity: website section about your “why;” social media posts on causes your brand supports; awards for being a good place to work for employees.


Focusing on these elements makes customers feel like they’ve found “their people.” Conversion rates go up. No-shows for sales calls decline. Closing a sale is so much easier when you’re already aligned on several levels. 

by Beth Cooper

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