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Your healthcare digital marketing campaign can use a CTA upgrade + a list of 13 CTAs we love

By Sandy Gutierrez

Your healthcare digital marketing campaign can use a CTA upgrade + a list of 13 CTAs we love 


Your team has conceptualized an amazing healthcare marketing campaign with breathtaking visuals, but why does the call to action always seem to fall short?


There needs to be more to your strategy than just using “learn more,” “click here,” “download now” and “schedule a demo” to get your audience to take action. A bad call-to-action (CTA) can lead to poor campaign performance or unqualified leads. 


Let’s dig a bit deeper into CTAs. CTAs are words or phrases incorporated into your marketing messaging to encourage your target audience to take action. CTAs should provide guidance to your audience on what they can expect to find on the linked material when they click on the ad. The CTA should be direct and specific to your target audience, which will help prevent unqualified or unwanted leads from clicking on your ad. 


Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What would make you want to click on the ad or fill out the form? Would your audience prefer a clear, strong command, or would they be more likely to be provoked by curiosity or exclusivity? 


Try experimenting with CTAs to help understand your target audience and what drives them to click on your campaign. Pro tip: craft a few CTAs that will work for your target audiences and A/B test both CTAs! A/B testing gives you great data on what resonates with your target audience. If you are marketing to skydivers, you’re going to want an out-of-this-world CTA for those thrill-seekers. If you’re like us, often targeting healthcare business people in their 50s, a more professional CTA might work the best – but there’s still no reason to be trite.  Your audience and what resonates with them will not only help your campaign's success but will also spark additional ideas and creatives that can help with your success in the future. 


Here are some great general and healthcare-oriented CTAs that are underused:

  • Claim it / Reserve my spot now!
  • Sign me up!
  • I’m in
  • Start saving lives
  • Fine 
  • Why, yes, I want a free gift
  • Join for free
  • Disrupt the system
  • I want to start now /I want to try it now
  • Join the club
  • Make a difference today
  • Don’t miss out!
  • Yes, please!


Here are some overused CTAs we’ve seen:

  • Subscribe
  • Learn more
  • Sign up
  • Download
  • Click here
  • Schedule a demo
  • Add to cart


Poor CTAs can lead to poor campaign performance or unqualified leads, so test your CTAs against each other and analyze the data to determine which CTAs are providing the best metrics along with strong leads. 


Improve your CTAs. Improve your outcomes. 

by Sandy Gutierrez

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