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4 Effective Ways Healthcare Marketers Can Boost Their Mental Health

By Paige Rossi

In today’s work environment, healthcare marketers are confronting unknown problems -- working from home, offices reopening, or what industry changes are arising? All of the open-ended “what ifs” during COVID-19 can cause healthcare marketers to experience elevated stress levels. A previous blog, The Psychology of Quarantine for Healthcare Marketers, outlines various scientifically proven reasons why quarantine has negatively impacted the mental health of many healthcare marketers. During this time, it is important to recognize increased stress and anxiety. However, that is only half the battle. Below are 4 effective actions that healthcare marketers can take to boost their mental health. 

  1. 1. Meditation

Meditation may feel uncomfortable for healthcare marketers at first, but the  studies show the mental benefits are undeniable. The positive impacts that meditation has on mental health range from decreased stress and anxiety to improved self-awareness and stabilized emotional health among others. This article provides greater details as to why meditation is an effective way for healthcare marketers to improve their mental health. Taking as little as five minutes to mentally check-in and unwind is all it takes to feel the benefits of meditation.


  1. 2. Yoga

In some ways, yoga and meditation are similar and jointly practiced. Many of the health benefits of meditation also apply to yoga such as decreased stress and anxiety and stabilized emotional health. Yoga also improves flexibility, balance, breathing, as well as reduces chronic pain along with other benefits. Chair yoga is office friendly for busy healthcare marketers. There are various videos on YouTube that are 10 minutes or less. These videos are designed for healthcare marketers to clear their minds and move during the workday. Incorporating yoga into a daily routine can quickly improve mental health.

healthcare marketers meditation

  1. 3. Positive Affirmations

The healthcare marketing industry has evolved and is continuing to evolve at a quick pace during this unprecedented time. The unknown future of the industry can cause increased stress for healthcare marketing professionals. To combat the pressure of feeling overwhelmed about progressing professionally, affirming goals and positive thoughts can be beneficial to healthcare marketer’s mental health. Acknowledging goals for the day, week, month, or year can be grounding for healthcare marketers. Additionally, positive affirmations about personal aspects of life can promote positive mental health as well. This article provides a list of positive affirmation apps that can assist healthcare marketers.

healthcare marketers mindfulness

  1. 4. Socialization

During this pandemic, socialization has become more difficult due to social distancing and quarantine. The decrease in socialization has a negative impact on healthcare marketer’s mental health. An effective way to counter this decreased socialization is to organize video calls with friends and family as well as keep in contact with co-workers to feel connected. Organizing a quick virtual lunch meeting or end-of-day happy hour are great ways to connect with co-workers virtually.

healthcare marketers socializing

Taking care of mental health is important to ensure that healthcare marketer’s are healthy and productive while working from home. These effective ways to boost mental health can be applied to everyone and can be practiced for any reason not just because of increased stress due to COVID-19.

by Paige Rossi

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