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4 Ways You Can Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

By Grace Hong



Work and life--two things that almost every one of us finds impossible to balance.

times, we find ourselves constantly in our “on” modes, working tirelessly to get our tasks done, that it may seem as if we have no time to switch into our “off” modes. But I think we tend to forget just how important it is to our individual well-being to find time to relax, decompress, and do things that we enjoy--physically, mentally, and psychologically. So as we enter the new spring season, I have devised a list of 4 different things you can do to improve your work-life balance.

1. Manage your time more efficiently

Sure, there are only 24 hours in a day. But how we use and organize our tasks around those 24 hours can make a world of a difference. Prioritizing your work, working productively, and completing tasks efficiently can help you get your work done faster and collect more hours for your life outside of work.

One way you can manage your time more efficiently is by simply waking up earlier. Without a doubt, waking up early in the morning is a challenge in and of itself. But simply pushing yourself to get out of bed 2-3 hours earlier can give you a great head start to the tasks you have for the day.

Another way you can practice better time management is to set realistic daily goals. What I like to do is to take a look at all of the things I have to complete at the beginning of each week. I take out my planner and assign what I’m going to get done each day. This helps me spread out my work evenly and better ensures that I have enough time at the end of each day to do things that I find relaxing and enjoyable.

2. Stay active

Physical exercise has numerous benefits that can seriously remedy the adverse effects we may feel when we’re overloaded with work; it reduces stress, depression, and anxiety, boosts your immune system, and better enables you to cope with challenges.

You may find it surprisingly beneficial to set aside even just a few minutes a day for some kind of physical activity.


KNB’s own Yuliya Kutuzava attests to the following:

“I usually try to incorporate some physical activity into my day, such as taking a class in a gym and a walk at lunchtime. Sitting all day in front of a computer screen is hard for your body and it’s important to move as much as your schedule allows.”

So as the weather gets warmer throughout the season, find some time to go outside and take a small walk or, if you’re up for it, go on a run. Whatever physical activity it may be, it is sure to help you release pent up stress and achieve clarity of mind as to promote productivity when you return to work.

3. Take time for yourself

Similar to setting time aside for physical activity, it may also be extremely beneficial to set aside time for yourself--time to do whatever you find enjoyable, pleasurable, and relaxing. Set aside an hour or so, and just decompress; watch your favorite movie or TV show, get coffee with your friends, play an instrument, or read a good book.

It might seem like you’re wasting time when you’re not getting things done, but taking time for yourself may actually improve your performance at work. Taking the time to do the things you enjoy can help boost your overall happiness as well as give you a clearer state of mind so that when you return to work, you may just happen to find a solution to that problem you were so caught up in earlier!

4. Ask others for help

If you find yourself continuously overwhelmed with work, you may find it helpful to seek the help of people around you. Confiding in your closest family members or friends may be a good and healthy outlet for any stress you’re harboring. You may even find it beneficial to speak with a therapist, who is, in fact, professionally trained to assist those who may need help managing their stress, whether it be personal or work-related.

Never be ashamed of seeking the help of other individuals. In fact, it is a sign of strength, rather than weakness, when one takes initiative in improving his or her physical and mental well-being.

by Grace Hong

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