#WeAreKNB Series: Chintan Shah

By KNB Communications

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Chintan Shah, President & Managing Partner

What drew you to KNB Communications?

I was a client before I joined KNB Communications. I truly experienced the capabilities and quality of the work that KNB provides its clients for several years because I was a client. In fact, when the opportunity arose to join as a leader, I especially welcomed the chance to work with such a strong, motivated ambitious team who appreciate their clients and want to produce results.

What is your favorite part of the culture at KNB?

No question it is the people. Our team is unmatched in its willingness to learn, listen and produce. Everyone is passionate about healthcare, excited by marketing and communication and truly enjoy each other’s company.

What’s your favorite sports team/city?

I was born and raised in Wisconsin and am a Wisconsinite through and through. I love my Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, and Milwaukee Bucks! I attended the University of Wisconsin and bleed Badger red and white!

What aspects of healthcare and health tech do you find most interesting?

The intersection of patients and the application of technology to improve lifestyles. Technology continues to change rapidly. New innovations emerge daily. But often these innovations are not appropriately applied or constructed in a way that can benefit patients quickly and thoroughly. As this convergence improves, so too will patient care. And from that, data will be more usable, costs will decrease and care gaps will shrink.

If you weren’t working at KNB Communications, what would you be doing instead?

I would be General Manager of the Green Bay Packers.

What is the last book you read/ television show you watched?

I love audio books and usually listen to 2-3 a month. Recently I’ve gone very deep into US history, especially colonial and revolutionary and more current presidential administrations. I especially found The Course of Human Events by David McCullough and The Gatekeepers by Chris Whipple to be especially engaging looks at behind the scenes maneuvering post-revolutionary war and in the White House, respectively.

As for TV, I’m a fan of political dramas Madame Secretary and Designated Survivor and medical dramas The Good Doctor and The Resident. I am also a big fan of The Big Bang Theory! 

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by KNB Communications

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