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5 Steps to Getting National Media Placements

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Rome was not built in a day. Your company can and will get national media placements, but it takes time and dedication. Here's a step-by-step guide as to how you can achieve national media placements for your healthcare tech company.

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  1. It starts at home

    First, refine your story and value proposition for media. Run it by several people to see how it lands. Create executive bios that highlight your key execs, demonstrating their areas of expertise in your area of health tech. Align your expertise with hot topics/trends in the healthcare industry.

  2. Zeroing in

    Create a targeted media list. Focus on nice health IT trade pubs that align with your company. Include local media. You will need to build credibility before the national pubs will consider you for a story. Develop a compelling media kit (perhaps link to a media kit blog).

  3. Launching to visibility

    Make an editorial calendar that aligns with your targeted pubs and industry events, as well as company milestones. You will have better luck with placements when reporters are actively looking for experts in a topic area.

  4. The voice of a leader

    Reach out to your end users and customers. Media is much more receptive to a success story in action -- something that shows what your company has accomplished. Pitch these stories to your targeted media, making sure the end user is available to the reporter for questions as well as your execs.

  5. Reaching out and landing stories

    You will begin to develop relationships with reporters. Comment on their stories, show you've read their work, and send emails other than pitches. Offer your health tech execs for specific areas of expertise. As you garner more and more placements, their credibility will rise and reporters will seek you out for comment. By repeating these steps, you will build a solid foundation that will ultimately lead to national placements.


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