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#WeAreKNB Series: Pam Foote

By Jemma Roche

The healthcare world changes, evolves, and develops. It has many sectors and angles, which is why it fascinates and drives us every day. Similar to the industry we all know and love, our team here at KNB is anything but one-dimensional.

Our monthly segment called #WeAreKNB gives you a closer look into who we are and allows you to take a look at the faces behind the hard work of KNB Communications. A variety of different perspectives is an asset that we value, and we are excited to show you who we are and why we love what we do. We are individuals, we are a team, #WeAreKNB. Wanna keep up? Sign up for our monthly KNB HealthBeat Newsletter here! 

Pam Foote supports the KNB team as our Writer & Content Developer Specialist. We are grateful for her hard work and decided to highlight her this month. Here are a few questions we asked her below: 

Pam Foote: Writer & Content Developer Specialist

How did you decide to become a PR professional?

I began my career in broadcast journalism, where I interacted with many PR pros who were pitching their “stories” to me.  I was drawn to the idea of presenting an idea or event in a positive and creative way that would compel others to write or read about it. 

What is the key to maintaining successful client relationships? 

I believe that careful listening is the most important factor in working with clients. To apply our expertise in communications and their industry, we need to learn everything about their company, their product or service, their customers, and even what keeps them up at night. In interacting with clients, I try to never stop asking questions.   

What led you to working in the Health IT Industry at KNB Communications, and why does it interest you?

I was working with one of KNB’s clients, and was offered the opportunity to join the KNB team and write for multiple clients. While much of my previous PR experience was in information technology, I have always been interested in the healthcare industry. I see many parallels between the growth of health IT and the expansion of technology in other professions.

What challenges do you find in healthcare tech PR?

Healthcare is at the same time an extremely private and very public issue. Plus, the healthcare industry historically has not adopted change quickly. It’s a challenge to communicate the value of so many amazing technology developments to providers and consumers, when they are also dealing with financial and regulatory issues.  Helping them understand the benefits of healthcare tech will ultimately make their lives easier, and result in more positive healthcare outcomes. We’re getting there!  

How do you like to spend your free time?

I do yoga and water aerobics, and enjoy playing trivia and going to wine tastings with my husband. I also golf and kayak in the summer.  I’m a die-hard Red Sox fan and have seen them play in Boston, Ft. Myers and Cleveland (so far).

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by Jemma Roche

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