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5 ways to optimize Google My Business as a healthcare marketer

By Aisling Gigandet

If you’re involved in healthcare marketing, you are likely well-aware of the hefty impact that Google Ads and your website’s SEO practices can have on result page rankings and generating leads. However, your healthcare business might be missing a piece from the SEO puzzle-- your free business listing from the Google My Business tool. Take full advantage of Google My Business using these 5 tips:

  1. Build out your entire business profile. 

Google includes each section of the business profile for good reason. The information shared in each section is relevant to Google users (such as prospective clients and potential healthcare partners), and therefore relevant to Google’s algorithm. Conscientiously filling out each section will set the foundation for a successful profile.

  1. Regularly post to your profile. 

Using the “create post” feature, businesses can add new offers, upcoming events, and other recent updates. While these posts will appear lower on the profile than other attributes such as the business description, contact information, hours, and reviews, new posts are a prominent opportunity to show the rest of the healthcare industry what your business has been up to. You can also draft Google Ads directly from your Google My Business profile. Be sure to use the right keyword in any Google Ads you draft, as keywords contribute heavily to the success of your campaign.

  1. Add unique, quality images to your business profile. 

Regular updates to the photos on your profile indicates that your business is active, and will ultimately allow a higher SERP ranking. A good place to start is including (when applicable) interior and exterior photos of your business, photos of positive outcomes (like happy customers), and photos of your team. Quality images with clear contents, uploaded at least once a week will improve your chance of a high ranking, and attract more visitors to your business.

  1. Add reviews to your business profile. 

Ask current and previous clients to share about their experience with your personnel and services. Consistently monitoring and responding to reviews is also an important habit to implement. Not only will acknowledging reviews demonstrate accessibility and trustworthiness to prospects, but regularly checking reviews may also reveal areas of improvement for your team to address.

  1. Set up alerts to manage your profile’s Q & A feature. 

The Q & A feature is unique to the business profile in that it allows anyone to ask or answer questions about your business. To avoid erroneous information being spread or questions going unanswered, stay on top of the Q & A feature’s activity by setting up alerts in the Settings tab. While you’re at it, enable alerts for other features as well. 

Timely responses and regular activity on Google My Business will improve your local SEO-- and will help both attract and engage your target customers! If your healthcare tech company is ready to take advantage of Google My Business, start by giving our team a call today!

by Aisling Gigandet

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