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7 things a healthcare company should consider when deciding on an agency partner

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Much like you wouldn't call your dentist for knee-replacement surgery, when looking for a healthcare marketing agency partner, it's imperative you find an appropriate, qualified match. While several important factors revolve around your company's unique challenges and goals, here are a few key considerations to ensure your agency's capabilities and expertise are up to par.


1. Healthcare expertise + specialization

The health tech B2B space is crowded and seems to constantly run at 100+ decibels. To rise above the noise and competition, health tech companies must seek agency partners who specialize in the space. An experienced, well-informed PR and marketing agency will understand your organization's unique challenges, regulations, and dynamics of the healthcare sector, which is essential to program success. 

Look for agencies with a proven track record and long, successful history.

2. Strategic approach

Your agency partner should demonstrate a strategic approach to healthcare communications rooted in a deep understanding of company goals, target audiences, and marketing and communications objectives. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential healthcare agency partners to provide examples of the strategic plans they’ve developed and executed. 

3. Integrated communications services

When booking surgery, you don't simply hire a surgeon. You also need RNs, anesthesiologists, surgical assistants, technologists, operating and recovery rooms, and more. That's why you work with a hospital administrator. Similarly, your healthcare agency partner should be well-equipped to play the administrator role, overseeing the processes, resources, and expertise required to ensure your company's goals come to fruition. 

4. Compliance + regulatory knowledge

Given the highly regulated nature of the healthcare industry—specifically in the health IT, pharma, biotech, and medical devices spaces—your agency partner should have a strong understanding of compliance and regulatory requirements. It should offer guidance and willingness to collaborate with internal teams to help navigate legal and ethical considerations to ensure your company's messaging and communications meet industry requirements.

5. Creativity + innovation

Tired of boring logos and headlines filled with words like  “interoperability” and “optimization?” Same. Healthcare companies need innovative, compelling ways to share their story and engage their primarily B2B audiences. Agency partners must demonstrate unique, creative solutions that shatter the status quo and catapult their clients to the top of the pack. 

6. Measurement + analytics

You know that old metaphor that poses the question: if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound? At KNB Communications, we ask ourselves a similar question: if it can’t be measured, does it really count?

Your healthcare agency partner should have a strategic, metrics-driven approach to measuring the impact and effectiveness of its campaigns in alignment with your company goals. The ability to provide data-driven insights and analytics that demonstrate return on investment is crucial for healthcare companies. You should be able to look to your agency partner to provide consistent metrics for easy roll-up into board-level reports.

Ask your potential agency partners to share past examples of quarterly, monthly, or yearly reports and ensure it can measure KPIs critical to your company’s goals and objectives.

7. Cultural fit

Vibes aren’t just something talked about on TikTok—they matter in the corporate world too. Your agency partner should align with your healthcare company’s values, mission, and overall corporate culture to ensure a smooth and productive working relationship. 

Emily Boland

With over a decade of experience in healthcare, Emily spent the last several years as a Marketing + Product Director with an accessibility-focused medical device start-up company, managing an interdisciplinary team in a highly regulated industry. Her passion and focus stem from a collective and joined empathy toward the patients her clients serve. Emily is responsible for ensuring clients achieve results on time and above expectations!


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