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8 unique ways to support your interns on National Intern Day

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National Intern Day is celebrated on July 27th each year to recognize the contributions of interns. Interns play an important role in many organizations, providing valuable assistance and fresh ideas. They are the future workforce, so it is important to show them appreciation and make sure they have a positive experience. 


Here are a few ways KNB makes sure to honor its healthcare marketing interns:

  1. KNBeings will leave a recommendation on our interns’ LinkedIn profiles

One of the best things you can do for your intern is set them up for success in the future. When employers are looking at job applicants, they are often looking for any way to distinguish between candidates. A recommendation from a previous employer can help interns stand out from the crowd and show that they are a valuable asset.

  1. Portfolio review

Interns accomplish so much during their internship, so it’s important to keep track of it all! Employers who help their interns develop portfolios are giving them a beneficial tool that allows them to showcase their skills to future employers. 

  1. Take them out to a nice lunch

Get to know each other on a more personal level over a quick meal. Take the opportunity to give advice and talk about their interests. The topic of conversation can be formal or informal. The gesture is what is important.

  1. Caffeine gift card of choice–pick your poison

Spending an immense amount of money on a gift is unnecessary, but this small gesture won’t go unnoticed. A gift card is an easy and useful gift that an intern will be grateful for. Coffee is key to a happy workplace! 

  1. Make an e-introduction on LinkedIn or email 

Building your network is essential for career success, especially for interns. They are just starting their careers, and need to work extra hard to get their foot in the door. An introduction to someone in their industry of choice can be the difference between landing their dream job and being passed over for a position.

  1. Pay for a professional headshot

Help your intern create a strong first impression for their next employer to stand out amongst the competition in the application process. The headshot can be used on a LinkedIn profile, an important online tool for networking and potential connections when on the job hunt. There are many AI tools that make this particularly easy these days – we like StudioShot.

  1. Help interns with earning an award 

If you're proud of your interns’ work, help them get the recognition they deserve! Awards can boost interns' confidence, motivate them to continue working hard, and make their resumes stand out. Way Up’s Top 100 Interns is the gold standard in this category.

  1. Professional development and certifications–HubSpot, Google, Facebook, SEMRush, and more

With certifications under an intern's belt, it will give them a competitive edge that demonstrates the development of skills and a commitment to learning. Also, they’re a great addition to add to a resume to foster career advancement. 


Hear from KNB’s summer 2023 interns reflecting on the impact we’ve had: 

“I hear so many stories about interns running around getting coffee or doing trivial tasks, but KNB truly embraces new perspectives and puts a lot of trust in their interns, giving them the opportunity to make meaningful contributions. Everyone has a passion for their work, and frankly, it’s contagious!” - Jacqueline Vargas

“Even from day one of joining KNB as a newcomer, I quickly saw that every team member loved what they were doing. Having a passion is not just about having a job and KNB has inspired me to be invested in what I do with a smile on my face.” - Katherine Gould 



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