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Copywriting hack to convert: how to present healthcare marketing info in 6 steps

By Beth Cooper

At its core, this is what you need to make people think in order for them to convert: 

Hey! They get me.

  1. If it worked for them, it will work for me.

Kathryn Jones, CEO of Design Hacking Studios, says marketers get ½ a second to grab the attention of prospects. This means we cannot tell a story (with words or visuals) in the traditional method of building up to a climax, then resolving. Instead, this is how the story framework must be structured: 

1.  Start the story arc HIGH. You have to GRAB attention. 

Start with the fantastic result, something that is important to your target audience. 

2.  Then, and only then, give just the necessary background info or context.

Include enough information so they understand why they should consider you an expert on the topic. 

3.  Drop in the problem. 

This should be the problem that your product or service aims to solve for people. 

4.  Escalate it. Expand on the challenge. 

This could be an element of scarcity or a circumstance that makes the problem even worse. 

5.  Then, and only then, introduce the solution.   

Explain how it worked to resolve the problem and achieve those fantastic results.

6.  Invitation.

The call to action is to invite them to work with you, to use your solution, to solve their problem, to achieve those great results. 

This framework is how you will make your prospects say:

That is my story.

That is my solution.

And they will become your customer.

by Beth Cooper

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