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Email marketing: what is it?

By Larissa Andrade

The average person gets around 100 to 120 emails a day. Speaking for myself, I check my emails first thing in the morning and usually a couple times throughout the day to see what I’ve missed. And to make matters worse, I have about 1,000 unread emails as I’m typing this. Given that information, how can a company grab the attention of the average consumer? How can a company make their emails stand out against the competition? One answer, email marketing.


What is email marketing?

It’s safe to say that we live in a very high paced, digital driven world where consumers can be reached at any time of the day in a matter of seconds. Email marketing is a mix of both digital and direct marketing that enhances that quick reach from company to consumer. It is just one of the ways in which companies can connect with their audience, and ultimately one of the most effective as well. 


Is it effective?

Email marketing can be extremely beneficial when used correctly. In fact, it is around 40 times more effective than other traditional marketing tactics used. Around 65% of small businesses average an open rate ranging from 11% to 50%. And from those open rates, the click through rates of 77% of small businesses range from 0% to 10%. Even with increases on other social media platforms, emails are still one of the most successful ways to reach a target audience.

In order to have a higher success rate on email marketing, it’s important to have an attention grabbing subject line. Subject lines should be short, sweet and to the point. The ones that are easier to read and have less characters have a 12% higher opening rate, and allow for 75% higher click through rates as well.


Why should companies use it?

It’s important for companies to not only stay on track with current trends and themes, but to use it to their advantage as well. Email marking is one of the easiest ways to maintain connections with an audience. It allows for companies to stay in touch with consumers in real time. As simple as a “welcome to our company” email, or a “thank you” email can go a long way in building and maintaining that relationship. Other examples can be birthday emails with deals, coupons or on going promotions to grab and keep their attention. 

Sending emails is an efficient way to build relationships with a target market by way of persuasion and informing. If used correctly, it could be your company's best friend.

by Larissa Andrade

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