2023 brand design trends in health tech

By Larissa Andrade

2023 brand design trends in health tech

With only three months left in the year of 2022, it’s time to start predicting which brand design trends will be taking over. Brand design is essentially the visual identity of a company. The goal is to make your brand stand out by not only having consumers recognize a simple logo, but to also keep those same consumers invested in what your company does. Here are some predicted 2023 brand design trends in health tech.


Logo Adaptability

It’s important that a logo be simple and memorable. Logo adaptability will definitely be one of the trends taking over. Take the well known brand Nike for example; their logo is “the swoosh” along with the slogan “Just Do It”. Their brand can be recognized on their products from only the simple swoosh. It’s crucial to make sure your brand can be adaptable for all sizes and products by choosing a straightforward design, figure or letter.



Minimalism is as simple as it sounds. Several companies have started changing their logos over the years to something more basic. Not only can minimalism be applied to logos, it can also be applied to websites. Take Novartis for example, their website is straightforward and easy to navigate. Furthermore, their color coordination is relatively simple, yet memorable. This minimalist approach allows consumers to not be easily distracted or confused and get to exactly what they were looking for. 


Brand Inclusivity

It’s important to make sure your company can connect with the largest audience possible. As a consumer myself, I feel more pulled to companies where I can see myself aligning with their mission. In fact, 83% of millennials prefer to buy with companies that align with their beliefs and values. With that being said, it’s important to keep in mind that consumers take notice of what companies promote. It’s important to have your company stay true and authentic, while keeping all forms of  diversity in mind.

These are just a few of the 2023 brand design trends in health tech that are becoming more popular and used as time goes on. Although these are just some predictions and tips, It’s important to stay true to your company values and mission. With that in mind, take what works with your company.

by Larissa Andrade

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