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How Healthcare Marketers Can Network Remotely

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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is stressful and challenging to understand how to develop your healthcare marketing career from home. You may worry that having expertise on paper isn’t enough when seeking career opportunities during these difficult times -- or you might be thinking about how to reach out to another member in the healthcare marketing space. To truly build out your career in healthcare marketing, you must be able to demonstrate that you are well-connected. With this in mind, here are some tips on how to successfully network remotely in 2021!

Use social media

  • Using social media is an effective way to network and build relationships outside of the office. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to not only connect with individuals in the healthcare sector, but also with healthcare brands. Following these accounts will help you keep up-to-date with current webinars and professional development opportunities. Once you’ve followed these accounts, you can join online chats and feeds where you can demonstrate your knowledge on what it takes to market a healthcare company. You can contribute to the #HITMC, #HCLDR, and #HITsm twitter chats which are communities that discuss new healthcare technologies.

Join professional organizations

Attend virtual events


  • Take every available opportunity to cross-train. When you develop a broad range of competencies, you are better able to take on different projects and roles. Taking on new responsibilities will give you the chance to work with people from different disciplines and departments. Through working with these professionals, even if it is remote, you will be able to develop strong social connections within your workplace.

Creating a networking strategy with these tips will help you successfully connect with other professionals from home. If you need help creating your networking plan, feel free to reach out to us!


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