It might seem like it does not matter, but your work environment plays a huge role in your mental health and ability to perform at your job every day. It dictates whether you will wake up feeling happy about the day ahead of you and ready to go to work, but this element of a career often gets pushed under the rug. 

94% of Executives and 84% of employees agree that a distinct workplace culture is important to business success (Via Deloitte). But if this is the case, then why isn't work environment emphasized more? At KNB, we take pride in our company culture and want to share with you a few tips we have developed for fostering a healthy work environment. 

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Clear Communication

Clear communication is key to a stable work environment. Making sure everyone is on the same page at all times diminishes confusion and disagreements among the company. This will increase productivity with team projects and objectives, which will in turn establish more positivity and act as a huge moral boost for everyone. A team of individuals who trust one another and feel comfortable confiding in one another will be developed by focusing on better communication.

You can start to establish more communication in your workplace by setting up 1:1's with other employees so there is time set aside to talk with individuals and eventually become more familiar with their strengths and weaknesses while learning their preferred means of communication. 

Keep It Collaborative

A team that works together on projects while seeing one another critically think, brainstorm, and work through issues is a team that truly knows and understands one another. For a healthy work environment to exist, there must be a level of dedication to collaborating as a group and making sure every individual's opinions and ideas are heard. This way, everyone feels respected and taken seriously in the office. 

By holding more group brainstorming sessions or even merely asking another individuals for their take on a specific idea, you are letting other employees know that they are appreciated and valued at work. If someone else asks you for your input, do not shy away from having a conversation about it and having your opinions be heard. 

Tomorrow when you wake up for work, do not forget to evaluate how you are feeling when you are there. Work culture dictates a lot, and there are ways to improve it. Follow our tips to see change where it matters, and work towards developing a space where you are as happy and comfortable as possible. 

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by Alexandra Meropoulos

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