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How To Go The Extra Mile In A Competitive Healthcare World

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As individuals who are passionate about the healthcare world and all that it has to offer, we all know how fast it evolves. We always take pride in this industry trait, as it is part of the reason why healthcare/ health tech intrigues us every day. Despite the ever-changing market, there is still one thing about businesses that must remain steady and constant at all times--and this is the way companies treat their customers. Customer relationships are the backbone of any successful business, and are especially important in healthcare where a level of trust and comfort is extremely valued. Here is how to meet your goal of going the extra mile for your customers and continue to build strong and lasting relationships for your company:


Be As Responsive As Possible On Social Media

Chances are that your company utilizes social media in some way, as by now it is an integral tool for communication and marketing purposes in business. Thus, social media platforms are some of the first places that potential customers will visit to get questions answered and interact with the company. Individuals are looking for a personal connection between themselves and your team, and social media has been an extremely successful plug between the customer and the business for years now. However, many companies fail to provide the kind of direct attention to their customers that social media platforms set them up for. This is why responsiveness on social media is a large component in going the extra mile for your customers. 

Engage with people on social media whenever you get the chance. If someone follows your company account or acknowledges it in any way, make them feel wanted and appreciated. Send them a quick 'thank you' message that reminds them that you are glad that they are affiliating with your organization, even if it is just a small gesture like a follow. If any questions are asked through social media, provide the answers in a timely manner. These are the kind of things that people will remember and appreciate, and will set you apart from competitors. 

Help Them Out - Beyond Your Own Business

Whether it is posting an article on social media that you think they would like, sending a monthly newsletter from the company, or even just showing them some fun events that they may like to attend, make the customer know that you want them to stay updated in your industry and have every opportunity for success.

Work on providing them a mix of content about your own business, and genuine information about the industry that you think customers could benefit from. Do not get into a habit of perpetual promotion. Proving that you are on their side is what builds trust between a customer and a business. Even though little things like these may not seem like they will immediately generate sales and change, they will pay off in the end with a more loyal customer in a very competitive healthcare industry.

Listen To Feedback

No matter what sector of the healthcare industry your business or practice falls under, customers will always appreciate a company that takes their opinions into consideration. Many companies make the mistake of falling into the act of aggressive advertising while neglecting to ever make changes to the product/service. Do not make customers feel like they are merely a quick sale. Do more, and always hear them out! A business that listens to the people that are keeping it afloat, is a business that is respected and referred to others.

As a customer, it is easy to feel disposable in a highly competitive market. Do not let them forget that they are valued. Implement these tips in your healthcare marketing and healthcare PR Strategies with your team, and you will begin to see the difference--and why it is always important to go a step further.

At KNB, we like to go the extra mile. Check out our blog and social media platforms for content that will help you stay updated in the healthcare industry as a whole! Learn more about going above and beyond for your company by scheduling a consultation with our expert team.


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