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How to Make Your Healthcare Content Go Viral

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Having a piece of healthcare content go viral is every healthcare marketer’s dream. In order to captivate your audience, it takes strategy to build healthcare marketing campaigns geared toward your customers. Follow these steps to learn how to make your healthcare content go viral.

Find a great hook.

When it comes to social media, your healthcare consumers want to know upfront what they’re looking at. They will see your headline and decide if they will click through or not. Create a compelling headline by including specific and actionable information. You can also initiate a hook by evoking an emotional response that connects with your audience. When your customers are moved emotionally, they are more likely to share that information with those around them.

Create content worth sharing.

Healthcare marketers can make their posts successful by creating content that stands out. You can review what is already out there to stay up-to-date on the latest healthcare marketing trends and see how you can add more value or start your own trends.

Use topics that you know your audience will want to read simply by researching industry news. Many healthcare companies go viral by writing informational content that is simple, relevant, and easy to consume. Writing copy that educates your customers should be about sharing your knowledge which will overall increase your chances of your content going viral.

Know your audience.

Successful content is entirely dependent on your healthcare audience and how they respond to it. You need to understand why your followers are following you and what type of content they are looking for. Once you know what your healthcare audience wants to see, craft your posts to play to your audience’s interests. Try experimenting with different content strategies to see how your customers engage.

Make it visual.

75% of posts shared on social media are either photos or images. Photos and images are a great way to capture your audience’s attention and help them better understand your healthcare company. According to research, infographics are the most frequently shared type of content. They are an effective way to share interesting and educational information with your audience that is easier to understand and digest. Especially when you are posting on social media, every piece of content you share should have an image that goes along with it. Naturally, customers engage with anything they can see so an image with a clear representation of your brand identity works the best.

Create Engaging Videos.

Videos are a great way to get your healthcare content noticed. Once you research your audience and understand what they engage with, use videos to grab their attention. Videos allow your healthcare company to educate, share, and entertain. This is a great way to build trust and relationships with your customers in the healthcare space. Consistently releasing a series of videos encourages your audience to view more of the ongoing videos you create for them. If your healthcare company is looking to include videos in your inbound marketing strategy, check out these healthcare video marketing tips before you get started.

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