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#WomenofKNB: How to Succeed as a Woman in the Health Tech Marketing Industry

By Monica Manna

"Know your worth and don’t offer any discounts," says KNB's Director of Client Services, Amy Roberts. Along with Ms. Roberts, KNB is home to many women leaders who have advice to share regarding being a woman in the health tech marketing industry.

KNB’s marketing and public relations team is built mostly by women. In fact, KNB was founded by female entrepreneur Shirin Bhan in 1998. Not only do these women offer expertise in their field, but they also know how to lead as women in the health tech industry. See what the KNB team has to say:

Corrie Fisher, Account Executive

Corrie Fisher, Account Executive, health IT marketing and PR firm"Don't find other women as competition. Especially those who work in similar roles at another agency. Network and foster relationships with them - you never know what the future holds!"

"Be available, and don't act like anything is beneath you or out of your scope, stay level-headed and have an optimistic mindset."

Kimberley Sirk, Account Director

Kim Sirk, Account Director, health IT marketing and PR firm"Stay extremely organized. There are many tools and technologies available today to help."

"Offer your help. If you can speak to a professional organization, or maybe a youth group like Junior Achievement or Girl Scouts, help the next generation of leaders learn what it takes to succeed."

Jonna Howe, Account Executive

Jonna Howe, Account Executive, health IT marketing and PR firm"I consider myself a lifelong learner. When presented with a new challenge or an opportunity to expand my knowledge, I go for it. If imposter syndrome kicks in, I remind myself of my strengths and past accomplishments."

"The health tech marketing industry is constantly evolving. Not only do you have to keep up with the IT developments, but you have to stay up to date on the latest marketing tools and trends. So to thrive in our industry, one must be adaptable and open to change."

Christina Tuck, Digital Marketing Strategist

Christina Tuck, Digital Marketing Strategist, health IT marketing and PR firm"Stay true to yourself. The health tech industry is male-dominated, so as a marketer your ideas and approaches may be questioned - never let someone make you second guess your strategies and expertise."

"Have fun. You should always do what you love, focus on specific things that you absolutely love to do! If content creation is your thing, focus on that! Always remember that you're more likely to excel when you're doing the things you love."

Amy Roberts, Director of Client Services

Amy Roberts, Director of Client Services, health IT marketing and PR firm

"Support. Other. Women. We have all sat in a meeting and listened as a female colleague offered an exceptional idea, only to have it seemingly go unheard. Speak up and say things like, “I really love Jennifer’s idea to XYZ, and I think we should discuss how to implement it.” Give credit and provide support."

  "Call out misogyny in real time. It’s so ingrained in our culture that often people really don’t know it’s happening. It doesn’t have to be an assault. Something as simple as saying, “Do we have enough input from all genders to move forward?” or “Has everyone been equally represented in this plan?”

"Appreciate the women who took a sledgehammer to the glass ceiling. We still have a long way to go, but the progress we’ve made towards gender equality isn’t accidental; it takes intention. We haven’t come this far to only come this far."

Lastly, Ms. Roberts lends some food for thought: "When disappointed about your job or professional accomplishments, remember that at least one person you went to high school with is still trying to become a rapper."

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by Monica Manna

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