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How to use social media to drive SEO in healthcare marketing

By Olivia Caron

One of the goals of marketing and PR campaigns is to  improve search engine optimization.  Effective execution of marketing campaigns can cause an increase in website traffic, as well as social media engagement. As a result, this is the increased SEO that you should want to see from your marketing campaigns. Many professionals in this industry try to promote SEO through blog articles, and social media posts.


Medical SEO is how one would describe search engine optimization services that are specific to healthcare organizations, including specialized offices, clinics, and hospitals. The healthcare industry is competitive, which is why investing time on your company’s medical SEO marketing is crucial to keep up with your current competitors. Medical SEO marketing applies to any clinic, specialized office, physician's office, hospitals, and clinical research facilities. 


Medical SEO for a healthcare company can be improved by conducting an SEO Audit on your website. During this audit, both strengths and weaknesses can be identified so that you can make the adjustments necessary to not only improve your website, but also increase SEO. Other tactics that may help to increase medical SEO include:

  • - Publish original, informative, and relevant content.
  • - Utilize relevant hashtags and keywords
  • - Know your target audience, and produce content for them specifically.
  • - Attempt to promote engagement across social platforms.


Healthcare companies find SEO to be imperative in their marketing strategy because of the numerous benefits they can experience through these efforts. When more time is dedicated to increasing SEO, medical companies can experience better Google rankings, and their website can appear in more search results ahead of other branded content. 


Not only can increased medical SEO create more online traffic for a healthcare company’s website, but it can boost the confidence and trust that potential patients and consumers have in your brand. This is imperative in building up a brand image and requires consistency. Additional benefits of Medical SEO include higher ROI, improved credibility, increased website traffic, and lowering patient costs.  


Technology in healthcare is becoming the new normal, and now more than ever it is crucial that those in the industry strive to increase their medical SEO. Without medical SEO marketing tactics, a healthcare company could fall severely behind competitors, and lose potential patients and opportunities.

by Olivia Caron

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